Arnie talks True Lies 2 and reteaming with James Cameron

The former governor considers his movie future

It's no secret that since stepping down as California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking to get back into acting.

The Austrian Oak has apparently been approached with potential sequels to his biggest hits, including The Terminator, Predator and The Running Man, but he hasn't signed on for anything yet.

Tom Arnold has recently been talking up a True Lies 2 script that's said to be doing the rounds, and Entertainment Weekly (via ComingSoon) recently took the opportunity to quiz Arnie about a follow-up.

On a potential TS2, he said: "The idea of a True Lies sequel has been around since the early 2000s, but then 9/11 happened and we didn't do it because it had to do with a terrorist attack.

"A lot of terrorist-type scripts were cancelled back then, but now they are emerging again because there hasn't been a terrorist attack in the last 10 years.

"Then, of course, there's dialogue about me getting back into the Terminator thing. But you know, I've been out of office only two months now.

"I couldn't be thinking about doing Terminator 16 while I was still governor."

So, it's pretty noncommittal from Arnie on that front, though when asked if he'd be reteaming with James Cameron for a future film, he tantalisingly responded: "Could be."

Avatar 2, anyone?

Do you care about a True Lies sequel, or would you rather see Arnold reprise his role as John Matrix from Commando? Comment below!


    • BiDDY

      Apr 3rd 2011, 17:19

      "Terminator 16" Classic, lol..........Me myself I'd love to see Arnie Pick up the Gun......Well Guns, Lots of Guns that belonged to John Matrix, rather than the stupid remake that has been mentioned.

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    • Hadouken76

      Apr 3rd 2011, 22:51

      Not to mention Conan the Barbarian and Total Recall getting the do-over treatment...oh, sorry lol

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    • GarthMarenghi

      Apr 3rd 2011, 23:23

      Joel Silver is planning to remake Commando, unfortunately, and seemed completely oblivious to its cult-classic status. He basically thinks the original is rubbish and wants to do a 'gritty, realistic' reinvention. Which completely misses the point of the film and why people love it. So I'd much rather the remake idea was kicked to the curb and they make Commando 2 with Arnold having to rescue his granddaughter this time instead, maybe. As long as someone has to let off some steam, it's guaranteed to be awesome.

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    • GarthMarenghi

      Apr 3rd 2011, 23:27

      Anyway, if the Austrian Oak is going to do a sequel to something, True Lies would not be top of my list. King Conan, or a big part in Avatar 2 would be more exciting. Even better, how about a reality show/fly-on-the-wall documentary series following an assassination attempt on Len Wiseman before Total Redo starts principal photography?

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 4th 2011, 5:28

      " I did nothing, the pavement was his enemy. "

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 4th 2011, 5:30

      If you're ever on youtube look up 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes.

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    • TheEnigma

      Apr 4th 2011, 8:18

      Not true Lies man.. That movie was cool 4 it's time, but don't think it would hit the spot.. Gritty, realistic action films seem 2b more timely & well-received nowadays... (Bourne, Expendables, Taken etc..) Could envision Arnie teaming up with Cameron 4 Avatar2, (could be an epic movie regardless)... Favorite Arnie moment : when the chopper came to land in Predator (1), Arnie steps out, bag slung over his shoulder, fat cigar in his mouth, music by Alan Silvestri (da - da - da - daaa, da da da da da...!)...!! (u just knew sumthin was gonna go down)...

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