Arnold Schwarzenegger could be taken Captive

For a new movie, not unethical experiments

Fresh from the announcement that he'll enjoy a beefier role in The Expendables 2, Deadline is reporting that Arnold Schwarzenegger is in talks to star in action thriller Captive.

The former Governator would play a real estate magnate living in Brazil, who is captured and held for ransom in the back of an armoured prison truck.

It sounds a little like a slightly more spacious (and slightly less subterranean) take on Buried. It's promising that Arnie isn't going to take on a role that's too physical, but will he be able to carry something heavily character-orientated?

Before that, Schwarzenegger will shoot another actioner, Last Stand, which, intriguingly, is the US debut of Korean director Kim Ji-woon (A Tale Of Two Sisters, I Saw The Devil).

There's currently nothing new to report on Cry Macho, the film that was expected to herald Schwarzenegger's return to acting after leaving political office, before problems in his private life seemingly derailed the project.

Glad to see Arnie back in the action movie fold? Or are you worried that his best days are behind him? Drop your comments below…


    • writerdave87

      Sep 11th 2011, 20:25

      It's an 'action thriller'. So, nothing at all like Buried?

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