Arnold Schwarzenegger not definite for Toxic Avenger

"It's not yet been totally approved…"

It's almost exactly a year since Troma announced they were in talks with Arnold Schwarzenegger to appear in the Toxic Avenger remake, and it would appear those talks are still ongoing.

When we asked Schwarzenegger about the project during a recent Sabotage junket, he said he couldn't talk about the Toxic Avenger, because it hasn't been approved.

Presumably there's some work that needs to be done on a script that riffed on Arnie's 'Ex-Terminator' status (Oh, Troma).

Especially now the man will very much be a 'Current-Terminator' in Alan Taylor's Terminator: Genesis.

Still, whilst turning the subject away from all things Toxie-related, Arnie goes on to talk about Terminator: Genesis, as well as King Conan, and the Twins sequel Triplets.

You can see all that in the video below.

Sabotage is in UK cinemas tomorrow 

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