Arnold Schwarzenegger saddles up for The Last Stand

Will star in Kim Ji-Woon’s Western

arnold schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to Tinseltown was stalled earlier this year after the revelations of his private life, but the Governator appears to be ready for another bash at the big screen.

The ex-California governor is apparently going to “test his post-scandal popularity” by taking a role in a new Western entitled The Last Stand.

A Lionsgate executive says: “It’s an old-fashioned Western specifically designed for a 63-year-old broken-down guy with a moral decision whether Arnold decides to stand up for his town.

“We always needed an iconic figure for it.” 

According to Deadline, Schwarzenegger will play a border sheriff who’s tasked with keeping an escaped drug dealer from crossing the border into Mexico.

Not counting Arnie’s cameo appearance in 2010’s The Expendables (and, frankly, who does?), Stand marks the Austrian oak’s first big movie project in seven years (after 2004’s Around The World In 80 Days).

With director Kim Ji-Woon having likened his film to a blend of Die Hard and High Noon, this sounds like a promisingly gung-ho return for Arnie. Thank God he’s back.

Glad Arnie's back? Think a Western sounds like a perfect comeback? Talk to us below...


    • blade32

      Jul 12th 2011, 13:20

      great news. Glad he's not prosponed getting back to the movies for too long. Im not fussed what happens in his personal life, i'll still watch his movies. same goes for Mel Gibson.

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    • jukeofurl

      Jul 12th 2011, 13:42

      Ja, loads und loads of alte Western sherriffs mit an Austrian accent sprechen. Bist er Pennsylvania Dutch?

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    • trist808

      Jul 12th 2011, 13:52

      I'm a HUGE Arnie fan, looking forward to seeing this, glad he's finally chosen a project to work on. Not bothered about his personal life ... he's an actor AND a politician, there'd be something wrong if he WASN'T involved in a sex scandal - lol - get over it, move on, let's see him back doing what he does best: Act very wooden with a thick Austrian accent while kicking a*s and taking names! This sounds like a great project for him to come back with though ... his last Western was "Cactus Jack" .... ummm, let's hope it's better than that outing, although it's been years since I last saw him in that film ... what was his character's name? It was something generic such as Handsome Loner I think ... IMDB is calling! I've intrigued myself now ...

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    • writerdave87

      Jul 13th 2011, 0:47

      Dalidab. Seriously? How much of a moronic hypocritical little c**t are you? You're gonna slam Schwartzenegger as 'Evil' and stick up for MEL GIBSON? What the hell is wrong with you? Gibson is an anti semitic, woman hating, arsehole who threatened someone. Schwartzenegger isn't perfect but he's a saint compared to Gibson. 'Stood up to a woman'. You are an absolute grade A, fickle little s**t aren't you. You should shut up about things you don't know anything about before you make yourself look even more retarded than you already do. FYI, Gibson has made homophobic comments in the past, he's cheated on several parteners, he's threatened children among other things. But hey, you 'highly respect' Mel Gibson. I bet you do, you f*****g prick. You're offensively stupid.

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    • writerdave87

      Jul 13th 2011, 13:28

      God you're a goon. Schwartzenegger apologized as well. Your point is moot. 'Standing up to a woman, I thought was good of him.' Have you HEARD the phone call? It's completely out of order and has absolutely no relation to you getting flak for you being gay. If you genuinely admire him for that you need to have your head examined. For all his faults Arnie doesn't even come close to being as much of a c**t as Mel Gibson is. And I think he would be close friends with Jodie Foster, as she gave him a film role. Same way he was friends with loads of Jewish agents, financiers and other hollywood people. That is the way the world works Dalidab. You are a joke, sticking up for Mel Gibson and saying you highly respect him while trashing Arnie. I'm impressed that according to you an apology makes all Gibson's problems go away, yet you regularly denounce Hugh Hefner as 'evil' (god you do love cheapening that word don't you. You probably highly respect Hitler) when Hefner was a major advocate for gay rights in the sixties. Not homophobic at all, and widely respected by men and women alike. It's at times like this I really wish you were a troll, because it beggars belief to know you're actually like this.

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    • writerdave87

      Jul 13th 2011, 19:12

      Well that article you put a link to actually nicely sums up Hefner's record on rights. He's always been a strong advocate of free speech, right to choice, family planning, and has been against persecution of all kinds. No, afaik he has never had a gay section in playboy as it's a straight magazine, or a gay section of the playboy mansion, as it's technically his house (!) , but neither does he have to, to be an advocate of gay rights. Since when does someone have to be gay to stick up for gay rights? You're taking a very simplistic approach to the issue. Is the main reason you don't like Hefner because he doesn't appear in the film Milk? I genuinely don't understand your logic behind that one. Milk is a film about Harvey Milk. As far as I know the two never met. That doesn't mean Hefner didn't support gay rights. Just find out what you're talking about before you slag people off! I don't hate Charlie Sheen, I think the man has a lot of massive demons and I think he's dealing with them ok, but from what I've seen of him the man's looking after his kids well, while not being the best of examples. As for the other stuff sheesh man, I don't want to know about your personal life. Couldn't care less.

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    • trist808

      Jul 15th 2011, 11:52

      Did I say Cactus Jack wasn't a good film? No, I never made that statement ... and I do know good films thank you. This coming from the man who champions the likes of Spy Kids 4 & the new version of The Three Musketeers, you're hardly one to judge others Dalidab!

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    • MikeyRix

      Jul 16th 2011, 22:42

      He's setting himself up for a fall...

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