Arterton, Baldwin and Copley join Men In Black 3

Third film bags more stars

The Men in Black 3 cast continues to grow with the news that Alec Baldwin, Sharlto Copley (District 9, The A-Team), and current go-to girl, Gemma Arterton, have joined the project.

This third outing really has managed to secure quite an impressive line-up. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are both returning, alongside Josh Brolin, Jemiane Clement and Emma Thompson. 

The plot sees Smith's Jay sent back in time to 1969, where he teams up with a young Kay (Brolin) to defeat Clement's evil alien, Yaz. 

Arterton will play a secretary in the 60s MiB headquarters, and Baldwin the head of MiB at that time, with Copley as a "fast talking, Yoda-type alien" . Thompson will be playing the head of MiB in the present. 

Men in Black 3 is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and is due for release on 25 May 2012.

Are you excited at the prospect of seeing Smith and Jones back on screen together? Let us know below. 


    • Jrdnsans1792

      Oct 14th 2010, 13:43

      Well if Gemma Arterton's in it then its got my approval.

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    • jthecrab

      Oct 14th 2010, 13:52

      Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Gemma Arterton, Alec Baldwin, Josh Brolin, Sharlto Copley etc etc etc. Pah!!!! What about Rip Torn?!?! MIB3 will be utter c**k if there is a lack of Rip!!

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    • QuietLife

      Oct 14th 2010, 14:48

      Isn't Rip Torn in prison for trying to rob a bank? (Thinking it was his house or something?) I admit it'd miss him but not much can be done if that's true surely!

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    • Area51

      Oct 14th 2010, 20:51

      i read about that! he's a right headcase! he'll turn up with some sort of priso shiv to the set demanding everyone 'get out of his kitchen!'

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    • Hadouken76

      Oct 14th 2010, 21:21

      god not Gemma Atherton, shes so rubbiish its painful

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 16th 2010, 7:36

      Poor Shartlo is already starting to get typecast.

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    • mynameisbob

      Oct 20th 2010, 0:12

      so... did someone in the hollywoodland offices "do a baldrick" with delivering scripts and we're gonna get extra-terrestrials turning up in austin powers 4 (title wise the obvious twist Moonraker is a little coarse perhaps - those kind of jokes don't tend to go down too well)

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