Ash won't appear in the Evil Dead remake

Bruce Campbell sets the record straight

Those of you dreading the Evil Dead remake (and there are plenty of you - check out the comments on this How To Reboot Evil Dead feature) can breathe a little easier today.
Bruce Campbell has confirmed that his Ash character will NOT be appearing. 
He took to Twitter to answer fan questions yesterday and, when asked about the remake, stated: "No Ash character currently."
Which is good news. Bruce is probably too old to be chucking himself around a wood cabin kitchen by the scruff of his own neck, and we really can't see anyone else stepping into his shoes. Or strapping on his chainsaw arm for that matter. 
Losing the Ash character seems significant. It could be that director Fede Alvarez wants to move away from the one-liners and slapstick Ash came to represent by the time credits rolled on Army Of Darkness, taking the franchise back to its hardcore horror roots. 
Whatever happens, we'll be seeing something new. As Bruce put it on Twitter yesterday: "Last statement: ED remake is a re-telling. All bets are off & all involved love the new approach."
We're as scared as you lot are about this one, but we deeply hope it defies expectations and ends up being something special. Or, at the very least, something groovy.  

 Glad Ash won't appear, or do you think it won't be Evil Dead without him? Tell us!


    • JohnnyMac

      Sep 16th 2011, 15:20

      There will be no Ash, no Bruce, no Raimi, no slapstick, no cabin in the woods, no book of the dead, no dead people, and toned down evil. But all involved love the new approach? It's good to see them all keeping thier chin up.

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    • DravenCage

      Sep 16th 2011, 22:05

      @ JohnnyMac - Where does it say there will be no cabin in the woods, no Necronomicon, no dead people and "toned down" evil? It's not said in the TF article or the STYD one that was used to source the story, so I think you've plucked that out of thin air just to have a moan (or you're intentionally exaggerating for effect; in which case you may carry on). Besides, Bruce didn't say there won't be an Ash, just that there isn't one currently.

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    • Monkeynuts30

      Sep 16th 2011, 22:36

      Evil Dead - Ash = FAIL

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    • JohnnyMac

      Sep 17th 2011, 0:09

      DravenCage- I think as you wrote your response you realised my comment was for effect. If all off those things were missing, what would be left? My point is, how they try to put a positive spin on there being no Ash, which will clearly worry fans of the original. Yes, Bruce used the word currently, but at the top of the page it reads,"Ash won't appear in the Evil Dead remake". That's how it looks at the moment to most people.So, what's to love about this new approach? You can't have Ash without Bruce playing the part, so there will be no Ash. Is this a good thing? No, because we are moving further and further away from what we all love about the original.

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    • Hadouken76

      Sep 17th 2011, 10:27

      Its like some idiots making a Bourne cash-in despite the absence of Jason Bourne, but still using his surname in the title...o wait.

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    • olsquareeyes

      Sep 19th 2011, 13:24

      Sounds like they're going for a 'serious' take on the original. Hopefully there will be a good mix of practical SFX as well as CGI (in keeping with the original's charm) and a 2D release. Raimi didn't need all the gimmicks the first time round. Evil Dead is supposed to be fun. I can't see that being the case with this one, especially with no Ash.

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    • DrGmcGee

      Sep 25th 2012, 7:58

      evil dead was one of the last untouchable horror movie. Now we all only a few. No Ash means that they care less for the fans that help make it a cult following. This is like making a die hard with no John McKlan or Dracula with no Van Helsing. evil dead, evil dead 2, and army of darkness is the story of a man that was a geek that had to become a hero, then become full of himself, and have to come humbal to be the king. Without this story ark there is no evil dead. Let Sam fall and fall hard. this breaks my heart to see $ 14,000,000 go to waste.

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