Avatar Day ticket details revealed!

For the US, at least...

Since Avatar Day - with Fox planning to screen around 16 minutes of footage from the movie on August 21st - is next week, the ticket details are finally online.

Right now, all that has been directly announced in the US information - passes (limited to two per person) for the event will be available from the official site at noon PST on Monday 17th August.

There are around 70 screens planned for the event across the pond, but even with that number, we're sure the free tickets will vanish quickly, so have your fingers hovering over that mouse button.

We'll update with what's happening in the UK - whether we'll even actually get to see the footage and not just the trailer - as soon as we have the info.

US readers! Excited to see the footage? Tell us...



    • AYBGerrardo

      Aug 13th 2009, 22:03

      Good news if you live in Edinburgh. FMUK.org.uk has a code for two showings of the footage on Friday 21st at Edinburgh's Cineworld. Go to seefilmfirst.com and put in code 876653 There's sure to be more codes for other locations so join FMUK.org.uk if you want tickets Meantime I believe that the 21st is our Avatar day, this side of the pond.

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    • sammo

      Aug 14th 2009, 0:32

      I am a projectionist at a largish cinema chain, and apparently our programmers have been told that there are no UK details ... yet.

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    • AYBGerrardo

      Aug 14th 2009, 16:06

      Can confirm that the 21st is Avatar day. We also have a code for four screenings at BFI Southbank across that day.

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