Avatar gets cinema re-release

Head back to Pandora this August

Avatar will be re-released on 27 August as a Special Edition exclusively in Digital 3D and IMAX 3D theatres.

Cameron revealed that the new edition will have eight minutes of added footage:

"Audiences repeatedly told me they wanted more of Pandora, and wished they could have stayed there longer. So we're making that possible. Avatar: Special Edition will be exclusively in 3D, and will have never before seen footage, including new creatures and action scenes.

"With this Special Edition, you'll be seeing it like never before."

The new release will give Avatar a chance to improve on its $2.7 billion worldwide gross, while the new scenes might dismay those who bought the DVD release, with no special features or added scenes, back in April.

The Special Edition, which won't be released in 2D, once again demonstrates Cameron's confidence in the 3D format, in advance of his 3D documentary on the Black Eyed Peas tour and the re-release of Titanic in the 3D format.

Excited about the new footage? Tell us why...


    • abbasmomin

      Jul 8th 2010, 17:31

      will people really go to watch the entire film again just for '8 minutes' of additional time? How much more of Pandora & its creatures can you show in 8 minutes? Why didn't they just put these 8 minutes on the DVD under something called 'deleted scenes' ?

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    • higgins78

      Jul 8th 2010, 17:43

      Horrible, trite "movie" with some NEW Star Wars Trilogy stereotypes. If nothing else the re-release should get the kids off the streets for a minimum of 2 hours.

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    • rickbman

      Jul 8th 2010, 18:09

      once was enough for me. I bet a lot of people run to the theater to see those 8 minutes. I mean, did you see all the forums with people obsessing over how awesome pandora was and how depressed they were that they didn't live there. Oh, people will see those 8 minutes and those 8 minutes will make Cameron a c**p load more money.

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    • Claudia

      Jul 8th 2010, 18:12

      Really? It wasn't even that good. It looked great, but as many have said before me, the story was essentially Pocahontas with an inferior script and a distinct lack of talking racc**ns and catchy songs. I guess if people want to pay to see it again, that's their call and their money, but it strikes me as cynical money-grabbing dressed up as "here's something for the fans!"

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    • Claudia

      Jul 8th 2010, 18:15

      Sorry to double post, but... "Racc00ns" gets censored? Am I missing something?

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    • liamd

      Jul 8th 2010, 18:36

      There most be a firewall operating Claudia c00n is used as a racist slur

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    • jamiecfc1

      Jul 8th 2010, 18:52

      A documentary about the Black Eyed Peas? Jesus save me a ticket will ya... The most undertalented foursome since Gareth Gates, Will Young and two others. Any others.

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    • Barney1

      Jul 8th 2010, 19:03

      Totally different world...cmon...seen it all before...I mean how invented is 8-legged horses and floating jelly-fishes...8 minutes extra footage...because 'we' demand it! Ridiculous...Pandora should of been a planet of cobwebs and spiders without the legs floating sideways and eating and producing the civilisation! Now that would be different!

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    • Frankie88

      Jul 8th 2010, 19:35

      Gotta agree, this 8 minute added footage re-realese is such a load of you know what. That's pure DVD stuff. Instead, I think it would've been proper to make a 40 minute/hour long mockumentary about Pandora (half of the material could be taken from the movie), just like those wildlife or outer space movies they usually show in IMAX theatres. I would spend money to see that. I liked Avatar and don't get all that bad script stuff people brag about, because I didn't go to see that movie for its story.

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    • cavillier

      Jul 8th 2010, 21:56

      I've already booked my ticket for the 10.10am show on the 27 August. Can't wait. Particularly as it is being screened as a double bill with Titanic Deluxe which has an extra 55 seconds of Leo drowning:) Extra large popcorn please!

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    • Rob82092

      Jul 8th 2010, 23:14

      I still haven't actually got round to seeing it... Maybe this gives me an excuse?

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    • KamikazeDingo

      Jul 8th 2010, 23:21

      it evidently didn't make quite enough money the first time round...

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    • Chirurgie

      Jul 9th 2010, 0:42

      I think it will actually make decent money as I know a lot of people whom missed it on cinema and will go and see it to see what all the fuss is about (not for the 8 minutes extra)

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 9th 2010, 0:56

      I loved the Imax experience watching Avatar, if you're going to watch it I recommend you catch it on the Imax screen.

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    • TheMovieGuy

      Jul 9th 2010, 0:56

      Cameron is going all Lucas on us!

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    • RowdenCo

      Jul 9th 2010, 12:45

      I missed Avatar in the cinema (I'm lazy) and I would go see this. The extra eight minutes will just be a bonus. As long as people are still buying tickets and the sales are viable for the cinema, why stop showing it as most dont have the 3D equipment at home and there is yet to be a 3D blu-ray release.

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    • luzanos

      Jul 15th 2010, 17:35

      One of the reasons it is being re-released is because Alice in Wonderland and a few other band-wagon 3D movies were contractually booked to open, even when Avatar was still doing really well. So the demand is still there to see it, with the 8 extra minutes a kind of an extra incentive. As for the movie making a lot of money - isn't that what movies are suppose to do? They exist to be seen, and people pay to see movies. This is not some cynically made blockbuster that is made with the sole aim of money, without a thought for 'art'. Cameron spent a lot of time and care making this film. Therefore he should be given respect for acting honourably as a filmmaker. Even if it is a dreadful film, [which I don't think it is] no one can say he is a hack, not with any sort of sincerity anyway.

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