Awesome First Trailer For Solomon Kane...

And it's in Russian!


Well it's official, James Purefoy is a bad-ass. Ever since footage screened at this year's Comic Con, promising Solomon Kane to be one of the bloodiest films of next year, we've been gagging for a trailer...

... and this certainly doesn't disappoint, despite us not being able to understand a word beyond 'Solomon'.

The film, sourced from pulp comics writer Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan The Barbarian, follows 16th Century soldier Kane as he learns that his violent actions have damned him, and commits to a life of peace, determined to redeem himself.

But, as the these things tend to go, he is forced to do a rethink when dark forces threaten his land. And by 'rethink' we mean kill everything in sight.

Take a look at the trailer below (courtesy of, and unless you speak Russian, prepare to be confused...



Yes, that is Pete Postlethwaite, sounding completely awesome with Russian dubbing. The film also features supporting turns from Mackensie Crook, Jason Flemyng, and by the looks of it, the Balrog from LOTR.

Solomon Kane is set to be the first in a trilogy, though no release date has been confirmed for this first installment yet, gear up for a spring opening next year, and keep eyes peeled here for the first English trailer, or at least a translation.

Like it? Love it? Any Russian speakers fancy a go at a transcription? Get in touch!



    • AYBGerrardo

      Sep 10th 2009, 12:30

      Is it just me that would actually prefer to see it in Russian? It isn't James Purefoy who's badass, it's the dubbing! Just add Night Watch-style subtitles and we're good to go...

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    • SCQ47

      Sep 10th 2009, 16:12

      I agree. Between the Russian and the scenes in the trailer, I couldn't help but think about Night**tch and DayWatch.

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    • pimpernel

      Sep 10th 2009, 17:07

      Does anyone else think James Purefoy looks a little like Van Helsing - or rather the Van Helsing in THAT movie? It's the Hat that does it. Still, looks quite good! Love James Purefoy. Just love him!

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 11th 2009, 0:11

      Finally a good fantasy film .

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