Awesome new Where The Wild Things Are poster

And the full trailer should be here soon…

We’ve all been waiting far too long for Spike Jonze’ adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are. But it’s finally coming this year and now we have a poster to prove it.

The Spike Jonze Fan blog picked up the image, which you can see in our gallery to the right, from Nick magazine.

It’s interesting that- as the lads at Slash Film point out – the creature’s face has been cropped out, even though images of the Things’ mugs have been all over skateboards and other pics for a while now.

Even more excitingly, the trailer for the film is expected to be attached to Monsters Vs Aliens this weekend across the pond, meaning we should see it online shortly.

Exciting times, people… Despite the long production delays and re-shoots, we’re still really looking forward to Jonze’ take on Maurice Sendak’s book.

[Source: Spike Jonze Fan Blog]

Can you wait for the Wild Things? Or should they have stayed as picture book fantasies? Tell us!


    • ashley.russell

      Mar 18th 2009, 15:26

      i think it looks great. hopefully it will do my childhood memories justice.

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