Bale says sorry...

"I was out of order beyond belief..."

Christian Bale has taken a call on KROQ's Kevin & Bean show in the US to apologise for this week's Terminator Salvation set flip-out.

He puts the outburst down to being too deep inside The Method - trying to capture some of the essence of his character John Connor. ("I was trying to show a little of that in-the-blood craziness").

Other highlights:

"I am embarrassed by it, I regret it and I ask everyone to sit down and ask themselves if they've ever had a bad day, if they've ever lost their temper and really regretted it."

"If anyone sees me saying I'm better than anybody else, stick a fork in my backside, turn me over, I'm done..."

"Please do not allow my lapse in judgement, my embarrassing meltdown, to overshadow this movie."

Bale closes on a slightly odd defence of swimmer Michael Phelps' ("So he likes a bit of weed? Plenty of our Presidents have. Everyone makes mistakes, bounce back from it...")

Listen to the call in full here...

Fair play? Is Bale sincere - or does it feel like he's been jostled into the spotlight as a damage-limitation tactic by the studio?


    • nick1991

      Feb 6th 2009, 19:58

      He's Patrick Bateman, Batman, John Connor and a list of p[lenty more greats, how could you not forgive. Plus it was well funny.

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    • Ray Peterson

      Feb 6th 2009, 20:20

      He plays John Connor's mother?

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    • cheyenne

      Feb 6th 2009, 22:09

      bale's a hero, one of the best actors of his generation. its ludicrous to expect consistently perfect behaviour from anyone, let alone in high stress environments.. a heartfelt apology, even if it wasn't owed to single person not involved in the incident.

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    • tomclempson

      Feb 7th 2009, 18:30

      It's a typical, luvvie hissie-fit. Surely it's to be expected - he's an actOR!

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    • mrsmiawallace

      Feb 8th 2009, 17:19

      The rant was absolutely hilarious and honestly nobody is perfect. He did make a tw*t out of himself and I think the shame of that and it being posted on the internet is punishment enough. My opinion about Bale hasn't changed, he's still a brilliant actor. My only problem with the rant is his accent. Jesus it's confusing. Cockney/Yank? I couldn't really grasp it, it gave me a bit of a headache.

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