Batman vs. Superman to feature Bat-drones?

According to Warner exec Daniel Alter

Warner Bros. executive Daniel Alter has sent geek forums into overdrive by tweeting a nugget of plot info from Batman vs. Superman that seemingly reveals where we find Batman at the beginning of the film.

Alter tweeted that the new film will pick up with a semi-retired Batman who has left the streets some time ago, and is using a group of drones to do his crime-fighting for him.

The idea of Bat-drones has been seen a number of times in the comic-books, with Bruce using his extensive wealth to develop a technological way of lightening his crime-fighting load.

In terms of the film, we’d imagine the drones will make a fleeting appearance at the beginning of the film before Bruce hauls himself out of retirement to return to the streets of Gotham and / or Metropolis.

It could of course be the case that Alter is deliberately firing misinformation out into the ether in order to throw fans off the scent, but this does seem like a logical starting point for a film attempting to distance itself from the story told by Chris Nolan in the Dark Knight trilogy.

Directed by Snyder, Man Of Steel will open in the US on 17 July 2015.


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    • mattrix33

      Nov 18th 2013, 17:30

      After the god awful Man of steel and the beyond dissapointing dark knight rises Its surprising that there still finding new ways of making the Batman/Superman films even worse. It takes real dedication to screw two beloved characters movies up this much

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 18th 2013, 17:54

      This tweet really shows just how idiotic studio execs are.

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    • NickyC

      Nov 19th 2013, 14:09

      So Snyder's Batman is less hyperreal than Nolan's? Mind you, there's documentary footage less real than Nolan's Batman. Bat Drones sounds like something out of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies. Not a bad thing at al though. It needs to be keep being reinvented to stay relevant.

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