Bean saddles up for The Magnificent Eleven

Alongside Dougray Scott and Robert Vaughan...


Grit-and-gristle comedy The Magnificent Eleven has signed Sean Bean, Dougray Scott and Robert Vaughan to its cast list.

The latter is the last surviving star of The Magnificent Seven, the film that Eleven is updating to modern times.

Directed by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, Eleven is a British production that relocates the original western to present day. The cowboys are now members of an amateur football team, while the Indians own a local Tandoori restaurant. The bandits are a group of thugs led by the ominous Blonde Bob.

In a (slightly sterile) statement, producer John Adams said:

“Having worked with Irvine Welsh on his feature film Good Arrows, I am certain that the team we have assembled for The Magnificent Eleven can deliver a quality feature film with massive commercial potential."

Ready for a modern spin on an old classic?

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