Behind The Scenes Paul photos online

Simon Pegg is sharing a glimpse at the film

It must be Paul week across the mighty Interwebs – yesterday brought word of Seth Rogen and a cavalcade of comedy stars joining Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s new film, and now there are some great behind-the-scenes shots online.

Clearly unwilling to let mate/Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright dominate the behind-the-movie-making-curtain exclusive peek world, Simon is sending images to fan site, intending to build an album that will show the film’s progression to the screen.

So far the movie’s mostly in rehearsals at a US soundstage and the images are of Pegg, Frost, director Greg Mottola, Role Models’ Joe Lo Truglio (who we don’t think has officially been announced as on the cast and might just be there to hang out or get free donuts). Once shooting cranks up in June, expect to see plenty more.

One pic is above. You can find more in our gallery to the right.


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    • murren

      May 28th 2009, 9:35

      first comment! cant wait for this pegg and frost together again!

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