Ben Affleck talks adapting The Stand

Compares it to Lord Of The Rings

With Ben Affleck’s directorial star firmly in the ascendency, it’s no surprise to see him given the option to take charge of one of Warner’s major properties in the form of Stephen King’s The Stand.

However, the projest has struggled to get past the development stage for a reason, and Affleck has admitted that he’s finding it tricky to work out how best the mammoth tome should be adapted.

“Right now we’re having a very hard time,” says Affleck. “But I like the idea - it’s like The Lord Of The Rings in America. And it’s about how we would reinvent ourselves as a society. If we started all over again, what would we do?”

We’re not quite sure how King’s novel compares to Tolkien’s, unless Affleck is referring to the sheer length of the text. That said, both books do deal with a lot of walking, so perhaps the comparisons are more valid than we thought.

At this stage, Affleck is still exploring the possibility of an adaptation, with nothing set in stone just yet. Fingers crossed he can find a way to crack this notoriously cinema-resistant epic…

Is Affleck the man to adapt The Stand? Tell us, below!


    • alexr

      Nov 19th 2012, 12:36

      If done correctly, The Stand could become one of the modern classics. Stephen King has several major novels that could become awesome event movies, if handled with the care and attention (and the money) they deserve. The Stand, IT, Under The Dome, 11.22.63, and The Dark Tower could all boost Stephen King's Hollywood stock (and his money) far beyond current levels... I shall keep an eye on this story with interest!

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 19th 2012, 12:49

      King has been phoning it in of late. Which is why Cell is also being made! HA!

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    • TheJoker84

      Nov 19th 2012, 13:10

      If anyone can pull off adapting the Stand then I'm pretty sure it's affleck, he seems to be on fire at the moment. Alex's, personally I would love to see Under the Dome done as. Mini series, it's such a good read with so many complex characters that I don't think it being adapted into a movie would do the book justice

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    • Dadiman

      Nov 19th 2012, 15:09

      The Stand is probably one of the worst books King has ever written. After a very strong start the story quickly sinks to a low point. Especially the experiences in the camp of the good ones are incredibly boring and evil is strongly underexposed. The denouement is a weakness of a writer who has made it so hard for ​​himself that he can not come up with a proper solution. If Affleck wants to make something out of this mess, he should rip up half of the book.

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    • Desperation

      Nov 19th 2012, 22:46

      I think there's simply too much there to be able to make one satisfying film. The mini-series adds up to about 5-6 hours in total and even that left a fair amount out. I say leave it. I enjoy the mini-series very much, a feature film won't be able to do it justice, even with a Hollywood budget and a director as talented as Affleck.

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    • DomCobb

      Nov 19th 2012, 23:01

      I think the most obvious way to adapt this would be to turn it into a trilogy, all three made back-to-back-to-back, each being released in a different year. Like LOTR.

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    • writerdave87

      Nov 20th 2012, 4:28

      Make it a trilogy, and rewrite the last third of the book so that it has a PROPER g*****n ENDING instead of the massive copout anticlimax of the original book. The first two thirds of The Stand is amazing, the last third is shoddy, lazy writing racing to get his book done with so he can move onto another project.

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