Ben Stiller says Help Me Spread Goodness

Nigerian scam comedy drama

Ben Stiller has signed up to direct scam dramedy Help Me Spread Goodness.

Developed by Participant Media, the story follows a Chicago banker who is swindled by a Nigerian Internet scam, with focus on issues in the country and across Africa.

Mark Friedman’s script is apparently a drama, but has “comic overtones”.

Stiller will likely find a spot for the film once he’s cleared his busy schedule – he’s due to make yet another entry in the Meet The Parents franchise (Little Fockers) and has lined up the job of directing The Trial Of The Chicago 7 too.

[Source: Variety]

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    • ashley.russell

      May 4th 2009, 13:45

      yeah why not, sounds like it could be half decent if he does it right, meaning that it doesn't get stuck in a middle ground where it isn't funny enough to be a comedy but then isn't serious enough to be a drama

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