Benedict Cumberbatch defends character reveal in Star Trek Into Darkness

Responds to Abrams’ comments that it was a mistake

Yesterday we reported that J.J. Abrams had suggested that the reveal of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in Star Trek Into Darkness had been a mistake, with the director suggesting they should have come clean about Khan from the get-go.

However, Cumberbatch himself has moved to defend the tactic, making the point that for those who hadn’t been following the film’s every development on the internet, the reveal had the desired effect.

“What a dickhead,” chuckled Cumberbatch when informed of Abrams’ comments by IGN. “The amount of times we had to lie for him… the amount of times I had to talk about it not being my character!

“No, I love him,” continues the star, “but I don’t know if it was a bad or a good thing… the intention was to have a reveal in the audience that was going to be thrilling. That worked to an extent.

“Not everybody knew what they were in for when they went into the theatre… for those people it was a good thing… There was a verbal and physical reaction to it [in theatres I saw it in], so it kind of works.”

It all seems like a bit of a storm in a teacup to us, and while there’s an argument that it was a twist for the sake of a twist, we were just happy to see Khan back in business. Put us down as Team Cumberbatch on this one…

Where do you stand on this? Tell us, below!


    • chibik

      Dec 4th 2013, 7:58

      I'm with Khanberbatch on this one.

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    • SiMan

      Dec 4th 2013, 10:15

      On the back of the Blu-Ray cover it names him as Khan. Nice to know the studios take into consideration those who don't get a chance to see a film at the cinema

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    • Ali1748

      Dec 4th 2013, 11:53

      lol "what a d******d" only Ben could get away with that and still land a role in Ep VII.

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    • chibik

      Dec 4th 2013, 12:57

      @SiMan: Fail!

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Dec 4th 2013, 13:52

      I agree with that they must leave some mystery for the audience, and no matter how much the internet likes to think otherwise, they don't actually make up the majority of the audience. My friends who don't follow film, comic or popular culture news were all surprised by the reveal. So job done...

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    • batt101

      Dec 4th 2013, 15:44

      Still think it was totally unnecessary to even call him Khan. They didn't have a decent story to tell so they dangled the Khan name to get people interested.

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    • patrickhildmann

      Dec 6th 2013, 18:02 the last comment; Noonian is his name; singh the "Training of Warrior" in India and Khan is the title of the ruler of central Asia and India; wich he gave himself! There is a very detailed storyline of khan, even including the origin of Noonian and Khans role part in the euginic wars...

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    • opennewscast

      Dec 29th 2013, 4:06

      Worst movie of 2013.

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