Bilbo meets Elrond in new deleted scene from The Hobbit: watch now

And extended edition will be thirteen minutes longer

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has released a brand new deleted scene, as well as announcing a few new details about the forthcoming release of the extended DVD and Blu-ray.
The new cut of the film will be 13 minutes longer, with the package also containing nearly nine hours of extra features.
Meanwhile, the new clip features Bilbo meeting Elrond at Rivendell, a scene soon to be restored to the longer edition of the film.
Take a look at the new scene, below…

Just a taster of what we can expect from the Blu-ray, then. And if the extras are half as involving as those included with the extended Lord Of The Rings films, we should be in for a treat.

Directed by Peter Jackson and co-starring Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen and Richard Armitage, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition will be available to buy in the UK on 4 November 2013.

What do you think of the new scene? Tell us, below! 


    • Ali1748

      Jul 31st 2013, 10:25

      Only 13? Not much of an extended editition :-(

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    • sleepwalker

      Jul 31st 2013, 10:52

      There was one scene that really threw me in this film, after they have just escaped the Warg riders on the plains they enter the tunnels and the next thing that you know they are in Rivendell there seemed to be no transition between the two areas. I know its a small thing I just find it really jarring! Please add a scene peter.

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    • mattburgess

      Jul 31st 2013, 11:01

      I can't really complain - any extra minutes is a bonus, but I was hoping for more.

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    • Gindalf0492

      Jul 31st 2013, 11:36

      only 13mins, im in 2 minds now to wait for the extended trilogy or just wait until they go down in price

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    • SiMan

      Jul 31st 2013, 13:18

      I suppose the LoTR extended cuts have made us all a little greedy, but i agree with the above. 13 minutes doesn't seem long enough, but i suppose thats probably a standard amount of time that other films would add to an extended cut. I haven't bothered watching the above scene - would reather wait for the Blu-Ray, but i did find it odd in the original film that Bilbo didn't play much part in the scenes at Rivendell.

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    • ilikescifi

      Jul 31st 2013, 14:06

      so everyone (well, a number of people) was complaining that Jackson decided to stretch out the book across 3 films, and now they are disappointed there is only 13 mins of extra footage omg

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 31st 2013, 14:50

      Well I am slightly disappointed considering Peter specifically said he was shooting the movies with the extended cuts in mind. 13 extra minutes compared to the LOTR extended editions is very poor, especially when you just know they'll likely be charging an extra £10 for them. Also I've never had any issues with the decision to turn The Hobbit into a trilogy, there is plenty of material in Tolkien's universe to make it work.

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    • milktrayguy

      Jul 31st 2013, 18:46

      Well I am a little disappointed at only 13 extra mins (excluding extended credits I hope!) and yes we were spoiled by LOTR, but then again I felt there were quite a few moments in the theatrical cut that should have been left for the extended edition and that just made it drag in the cinema. Dwarvish food fights anyone?!

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