Bill Hader confirms he’s not signed to Ghostbusters 3

“I don’t know where that came from”

bill hader

Bill Hader has cleared up rumours that he's appearing in Ghostbusters 3, revealing: “I have not gotten a call.”

The Saturday Night Live star spoke to Entertainment Weekly about whispers connecting him to the long-in-development threequel, stating that he’d do it “in a heartbeat”.

For now, though, he’s not heard anything. “I read about that on the internet just like everybody else,” he says. “I don't know where that [rumour] came from.

“I have not gotten a call. I don't know anything about the plot. I was very flattered to have people talking about me online in conjunction with that project.

“I love the Ghostbusters franchise and was so excited to hear there might be another one.”

Is it time for Ghostbusters 3 to just give up the ghost? Or do you want to see a third film? Drop your thoughts below...

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