Bill Murray is Franklin Delano Roosevelt

From gopher exterminator to President

 You have to hand it to Murray - he certainly likes a challenge. Now word comes that he'll take on the 32nd U.S. President in an adaptation of the British radio play Hyde Park on the Hudson.

Richard Nelson (who wrote the 2009 BBC drama) has adapted the script himself. And things are already moving toward a July shoot.

Set in 1939, the story chronicles the illicit affair between Roosevelt and cousin Margaret Stuckley, during the British King and Queen's first visit to the United States.

It's certainly a meaty role, but we're sure Bill's in safe hands here, with Notting Hill director Roger Mitchell behind the wheel, and In The Loop's Kevin Loader producing.

What does this all mean for Ghostbusters 3? Don't hold your breath - we hear that Murray still hasn't contacted the studio to tell them he's read the script. And without Bill, there's no Ghostbusters.

Will you be in a Bill Hurry to see this one? Or just want to see him get on with Ghostbusters 3? Leave your thoughts below.


    • Hadouken76

      Mar 30th 2011, 13:39

      I have a bad feeling about Ghostbusters 3, the CGI today looks awful compared to the 80's (crazy huh? Dont believe me? Han stepping on Jabba's tail ring any bells?) and you cant replicate that chemistry and comarardrie with fresh-face actors...but thats just me.

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