Blade Runner 2 adds a writer?

Contagion's Scott Z. Burns is first choice

Contagion screenwriter Scott Z. Burns is Ridley Scott's number one choice to write the script for Blade Runner 2, according to reports. 
Scott, the producers at Alcon and the backers at Warner Brothers have apparently singled Burns out as the ideal candidate for the project, which has yet to be identified as a prequel or a sequel. 
Almost seems like someone needs to ask Steven Soderbergh's permission given that Burns' last three films were collaborations with that director (The Informant!, Contagion and the upcoming The Man From U.N.C.L.E.). 
Burns' script for a film based on Captain Nemo is also currently in pre-production. 

Excited to see some new blood being brought into the Blade Runner world? Think Scott Z. Burns can do for Ridley Scott what he's done for Steven Soderbergh? Tell us below!


    • Mings

      Sep 28th 2011, 8:46

      Please. Leave it alone. Plenty of other things to make movies about, surely? Blade Runner is perfect as a standalone piece and is one of the most influential films of the last 30 years specifically because it is in a class by itself. Revisit Alien? Definitely: the world that Ridley Scott helped to create was sold down the river post Cameron's Aliens and as such it makes sense for him to return if only to erase memories of AVP etc. Good stuff therefore. However Blade Runner will not benefit from another movie; rather it's legacy as entertainment and it's influence upon cinema will be diluted by any on screen addition. Blade Runner is the epitome of something that has been often imitated but never bettered, and I somehow doubt that even Ridley Scott himself can achieve such a thing. So the question once again: why bother?

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    • QuietLife

      Sep 28th 2011, 9:57

      I can just see the 2-movie DVD box now. With Harrison Ford's face at the top-left separated diagonally with a lightning bolt through the middle with either Paul Walker or Freddie Prinze Jr.'s head on the bottom-right. Possibly wounded to show they're blatantly a replicant but with a human-heart or some bullsh!t. I agree, leave it the fu(k alone Ridley!!!

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    • ChrisWootton

      Sep 28th 2011, 13:47

      I don't know, I think there is plenty of scope for this world that Ridley created as well. I'm quite interested in this and it won't effect the original

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    • writerdave87

      Sep 28th 2011, 20:39

      I have faith in Ridley over this. The amount of scope and design he put into the Blade Runner world leaves plenty of scope for another story not touching on Deckard.

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    • BobbyTwoTimes

      Sep 29th 2011, 11:52

      I put it to all of you that Ridley Scott is past it! He hasn't made a truly GREAT film since Gladiator 11yrs ago. 'Hannibal', 'Matchstick Men', 'Kingdom Of Heaven', Robin Hood' 'Body Of Lies' and 'American Gangster' were all distinctly average films - there's not a single 'Classic' in that list. I must admit I rate 'Black Hawk Down' as one of my favourite films, but it is by no means a great movie, more like a guilty pleasure. Sir Ridley, I dread, is maybe running out of ideas (much like a certain idiot George Lucas....) and is instead chosing to re-visit the films that many class as his best work. He is simply not the same, dynamic, young filmaker that he was 30yrs ago (much like that idiot George Lucas) and for this reason, I have a horrible feeling that both this and Prometheus are going to be very, very disappointing.....

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    • Mings

      Sep 29th 2011, 12:34

      I think that the point I was trying to make is that just because Ridley Scott could expand on the original, it does not necessarily follow that he should. Part of what made Blade Runner so good was that you are thrust into this realistic future world where the director does not feel the need to patronize the viewer with exposition and explainations as to why this or that happens. Part of the fun therefore is imagining what other stuff is going on in LA of the future. Expanding on the universe takes that away slightly. I like ambiguity in movies but this is something that is exceptionally difficult to achieve within a franchise or expanded universe.

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