Bond 23 production grinds to a halt

Latest 007 movie comes to a stand still

The patchy production on the next Bond film has been cancelled amid MGM's ongoing financial problems.

The news doesn't come as a big surprise given MGM's announcement in April that the film was delayed indefinitely, but it remains to be seen what damage the cancellation will do to the once enticing prospect of the new Bond.

With Sam Mendes lined up to direct and Peter Morgan (The Queen/Frost/Nixon) scripting, the initial production looked mouthwatering.

But with Mendes having already backed out due to the delay, we're currently clueless as to what further changes will be made to the initial lineup.

And with MGM's The Hobbit also severely delayed, the studio faces a struggle to get both much-anticipated productions up and running again.

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    • scousebaby

      Jul 8th 2010, 10:32

      Noooo....It was going so well. Will someone just buy MGM, need my fix of new Bond. the wait between Living Daylights and Goldeneye was horrible...

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    • Rusco87

      Jul 8th 2010, 13:02

      Old news, it came to an indefinate hold last month. People thinking Sam Mendez im all for but Peter Morgan, No way. He is just going to write a character for Martin Sheen,(probably as the villan) and it will be the worst Bond in Daniel Craig era.

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    • ChrisWootton

      Jul 8th 2010, 17:23

      If they waste Daniel Craig as Bond, then it would be the biggest travesty in the history of the series... apart from Jonathan Pryce doing kung fu

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    • Barney1

      Jul 8th 2010, 18:34

      Get Sir Rog back...nobody did it better!

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    • JohnJDuffy

      Jul 9th 2010, 13:54

      When's the Bourne out?

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    • TheTingler

      Jul 12th 2010, 3:54

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO7! For god's sake, can't they just sell it to another studio? And how do they expect to make money if their guaranteed blockbusters are dying?

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