Boondock Saints II trailer online

The boys are well and truly back…

It's dodgy accents a go go as Troy Duffy's Boondock Saints trailer has launched a red band trailer.

Ten years after his meteoric rise and equally swift fall, Duffy has returned to the McManus crime clan for another bout of blood, guts, bullets and quick camera moves.

Back are the main gang - Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus and proud/violent pop Billy Connolly, alongside some new arrivals, including Julie Benz as the kick-ass Eunice Bloom.

Check out the trailer below - it's red band thanks to some violence and sweary language - and let us know your thoughts…


    • DanRose

      Sep 3rd 2009, 10:03

      I really enjoyed the first one, this one looks ok. Flanery is looking old these days but hey, as long as David Rocca is in it. He stole the last film

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    • DanRose

      Sep 3rd 2009, 10:05

      Come to think of it, Dafoe stole the show last time with his O.T.T performance, but it looks like he has been replaced by his 'prodigy' Benz... oh well as long as David Rocca is in it...

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