Brad Anderson adapting The Living And The Dead

The Machinist man tackles a graphic novel…

Brad Anderson, who directed The Machinist and Transsiberian, has signed up to direct an adaptation of graphic novel The Living And The Dead.

Indie production company Solipsist Films is behind the project, which will take Robert Tinnell and Todd Livingston's tome as its source.

The plot finds a shady character who lures innocent folk into Grand Guignol performances that turn out to be 19th century versions of snuff movies.

It sounds like rich territory for the man who starved Christian Bale and made Session 9.

"Todd and I are so excited. I'm a big fan of Session 9. I think it's a fantastic film," Tinnell tells Comics2Film. "Obviously he's a storyteller, and obviously he knows how to build tension, but what I also like is that when you watch his movies you really feel like you're inhabiting the space."

It'll be a full circle for the project, as the writers originally created it as a screenplay before turning it into a comic.

It'll have to wait a while yet, though - Anderson is currently getting ready to begin filming Vanishing On 7th Street, in which he will make Hayden Christensen disappear. If we pay him enough, he might make it stick…

[Source: Comics2Film]

Read the graphic novel? Think Anderson's the man to make it happen?

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