Bradley Cooper leaves The Crow

Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum earmarked as replacements

The upcoming remake of cult gothic actioner The Crow had hit a casting snag with the news that Bradley Cooper has left the project due to scheduling conflicts.

Cooper was set to follow in Brandon Lee’s footsteps as undead avenger Eric Draven, but with The Hangover star already attached to David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook and the upcoming Paradise Lost adaptation, it seems that The Crow has fallen by the wayside.

Heat Vision is now reporting that Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum are the current frontrunners to step into the role, with Relativity Media looking to move quickly to plug their unwanted vacancy.

Wahlberg has already been offered the role once, when Stephen Norrington was attached to the project back in October 2010. Having turned it down before, we’d be surprised to see him reconsider at this stage, particularly since his last turn as a nihilistic avenger (Max Payne, anyone?) was met with such a lukewarm reception.

Channing Tatum might be a more realistic option, although with a schedule every bit as frantic as Cooper’s (he has Blood Brothers, Magic Mike and G.I. Joe 2 all on the horizon), he too seems somewhat unlikely.

The Crow
will be directed by 28 Weeks Later helmer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, with filming set to begin in early 2012.

Who would you like to see step into the role? Casting suggestions below, please!


    • MattMorris

      Aug 16th 2011, 9:15

      cast an unknown. All 3 of these guys are too stocky to play the Crow and there's nothing funny about a fat goth.

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    • Jeffbiscuits

      Aug 16th 2011, 14:02

      Yeah isn't Eric Draven supposed to be really tall, thin as a rake and about fifteen years younger than Bradley Cooper? I doubt there's any big name actors who are physically suitable for the role at the moment.

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    • esosh

      Aug 17th 2011, 9:52

      those names are nothing like the crow :( the only famous name i can think of as the crow: joseph gordon-levitt. can't really think of another name at the moment.

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    • pingpong

      Aug 17th 2011, 12:41

      good news, Bradley was never the right fit. Then again none of the other two guys is. I agree with MattMorris. Cast an unknown and make the movie gritty and dirty. With a big name attached to it they'd just have to tone it down.

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    • images982003

      Sep 19th 2011, 5:09

      please approach johnny depp about this role, he'd make it great again.....johnny can do no wrong! well maybe he should not have touched willy wonka, but oh well i know he'd be wonderful in this film, he's dark, mysterious, in great shape. i think he would be great..... please no mark w or bradley cooper, both would not fit the role at all. john

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    • skaitlyncarter

      Oct 4th 2011, 15:19

      Yes all of the men suggested are far to stout to play The Crow Johnny Depp and Joseph Gordon Levitt would be excellent choices but scheduling may be conflicting. They could always find a new guy. But I am quite positive that nothing will beat the original.

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