Bradley Cooper off to Dark Fields

He's replacing Shia LaBeouf in a twisty thriller

Bradley Cooper has signed on to star in Dark Fields, the new film from The Illusionist's Neil Burger.

Yes, you know you've moved up in your career when you nab roles that Shia LaBeouf turned down and Cooper has certainly hit a higher gear thanks to The Hangover and his starring role in The A-Team.

Fields sees him venturing into darker territory, as a down-and-out writer finds a secret experimental drug that makes you super smart.

He reaps the financial and romantic benefits, but then discovers that it comes with some nasty - and lasting side-effects, including "trip-switching" - where time seems to slow down around him.

And things escalate when shadowy individuals start to come after him…

Leslie Dixon has adapted Alan Glynn's book which is described as having serious Fight Club-style qualities. Sounds intriguing…

[Source: THR]

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    • namedropper

      Nov 6th 2009, 19:51

      Hmmm. Isn't accepting a movie that Shia LaBeouf has knocked back something one would rather keep quiet about?

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