Breaking Dawn splits in two

Double saga bookend to be shot back-to-back...


In one of the most ironclad business decisions made this year, Summit Entertainment have confirmed that they have given the greenlight to filming the fourth and final Twilight novel, Breaking Dawn.

The hulking 700+ page book will be split into two films (ala Deathly Hallows), which we will be shot back-to-back. Filming is scheduled to begin in October 2010.

Summit are looking at “high end” directors for the project, though no names have been leaked just yet.

Breaking Dawn is the least popular book in the series - author Stephenie Meyer calls it the “Rob effect”, reasoning that fans can’t accept that the series had to come to an end, just as they couldn’t at first accept Pattinson in the role of Edward. Uh, okay. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Scribe Melissa Rosenberg, who has adapted all of the Twilight films for the screen, is working on this final adap.

Obviously Summit are cranking these out as fast as they possibly can for two reasons: first to capitalise on their immense popularity (though Harry Potter hasn’t suffered from being a decade-spanning film series), and secondly to catch the actors while they’re still young.

David Slade’s third entry in the franchise, Eclipse, opens this June.

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    • thethingandi

      Feb 12th 2010, 10:11

      For crying out load, the end of this c**p just can't come soon enough! I had the misfortune of sitting through Twiglet the other day (some obssesed fan friend lent the DVD to my better half) thought I'd give it a go. But dear lord was it boring! It was like watching the same scene over and over again just with a diffrent overly loud c**p emo song playing in the background. Absoloutely no chemistry between the leads and five minutes of vampire action! And as for the author of this drivel blaming low sales on "fans can’t accept that the series had to come to an end" Bloody hell what bollocks, the kids just grew up and realised it's c**p - I mean Deathly Hallows didn't have low sales!

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    • Gaz83

      Feb 12th 2010, 20:54

      Why am i not surprised about this? God i knew this s**t wouldn't go away anytime soon!

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    • lexybby29

      Feb 12th 2010, 21:38

      The reason why BREAKING DAWN isnt the most popular out of the 4 in the series is because it was the worst possible ending & yet they think spliting it in two is gonna be better for the franchise?!wtf!!!! just make it an hr long. only include their first outing as vampires together and skip the ending cause stephenie meyer sure did. such a joke.srsly.

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    • ocnlvr83

      Feb 13th 2010, 1:45

      Okay, as a fan, I HATE Breaking Dawn. I have no intention of seeing this movie. There is no way in hell this movie will be better than the book. With all the special FX that would have to go into making this film, it wouldn't be worth the money to see it. Also, Harry Potter has profited from being a decade long because the characters are supposed to age. In Twilight, they can't. But Summit is dumb to split it into two movies. Save yourself from this atrocity!

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    • uncanny

      Feb 15th 2010, 0:13

      Well, I hate to be the one that disagrees with the other comments. Sex scenes? Like what? There's far less sex in the book than in a copy of ANY Cosmo - and that's not even an age restricted magazine. In fact, the two sex scenes doesn't even have sex in it. It's implied people. I think it will be an interesting ending BUT I am concerned about the age limit it will require. The main audience will be in the 12-16 range (yeah there's lots of 40's women that love it too, ok ok) That said, if it can be done tastefully and minimize on the gore; it may be salvageable.

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    • Linds

      Feb 15th 2010, 12:27

      I personaly feel that it will be a mistake breaking this last movie (in a series of 4) into 2 parts. For the true hearted Twilight fans, I am sure it will be watched no matter what but for those who still are not sure about it could be another story. We, as fans want to see how the book is transformed into a movie. In being able to keep the same actors in place througout the Saga (todate) I feel has been a major bonus ... I only hope that they are able/willing and available to continue. In changing any of the main characters at this point would be a major mistake. It looses it affect. It's a fantasy! A diversion from our own crazed world we live in. "I" look forward to seeing the movie ... not matter what the critics say -I am capable of forming my own opinions.

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