Brett Ratner talks his Beverly Hills Cop

“It’s a reinvention”

Given all the rumours and misinformation flying around about Brett Ratner’s take on Beverly Hills Cop, he’s decided to speak out about the film’s tone, title and rating.

“It’s a hard R”, he promises MTV, dispelling ideas that he’ll be pumping out a toothless PG-13 version and raising hopes that it’ll be stuffed full of sweary Eddie Murphy goodness that might actually make us forget about Norbit.

And while it’s keeping him, it’s also not trying to be a fourth franchise entry; more a re-working of the original.

This part worries us, but let the Rat explain: “It’s a reinvention. I’m going to reintroduce it to a contemporary audience. I’m going to take the best of the first two films and put it into the new one.”

But what of web leaks about Axel Foley joining forces with a tubby cop to investigate crime? Bogus, apparently.

 “There was all this stuff on the Internet and they’d read a script. It’s not the script I’m making.”

Hopefully the combination of the Wanted writing team and the man who made X-Men: The Last Stand won’t have us wanting to track down every print and burn it…

[Source: MTV]

Do you trust in Ratner’s ideas? Or are you outraged at the idea of a “new” BHC?


    • apo1978

      Feb 11th 2009, 13:19

      I'm getting sick and tired of all theses sequels/remakes/re-imaginings...

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    • evs75

      Feb 11th 2009, 13:24

      Anything has to be better than Bev Hills Cop III which feature Achmed Foley running around on fairground rides chasing crims dressed up in rabbit suits or woteva! Just hope that Judge Reinhold and the tubby guy from the Hardball TV series aren't overlooked in this reinvention.

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    • Ray Peterson

      Feb 11th 2009, 16:55

      This is the same Brett Ratner who pretty much tried to channel the spirit of Beverly Hills Cop through Chris Tucker.

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    • rorschach

      Feb 11th 2009, 22:08

      I think Ratner should take His "reinvention" and shove it up his talentless hack a**e

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