Brett Ratner to direct Midnight Run 2

Robert De Niro set to return

There are good ideas, there are bad ideas, and then there are the kind of ideas that leave you slack-jawed in disbelief… the news that Brett Ratner is set to direct a sequel to one of the greatest comedies of the ’80s falls squarely into the latter camp, but that appears to be what’s happening with Midnight Run 2.

For those of you not familiar with Martin Brest’s buddy-movie original, Midnight Run follows Robert De Niro’s hard-ass bounty-hunter as he attempts to escort Charles Grodin’s smart-mouthed white collar crim cross-country.

Boasting some excellent comic chemistry between its leading men and stellar support from the likes of Joe Pantoliano and Dennis Farina, it remains a knockabout treat, and certainly stands up to repeat viewings.

Which is presumably why Universal want a sequel, with Brett Ratner currently in talks to take the reigns. De Niro is reportedly keen to reprise his role, whilst Four Brothersscreenwriters David Elliot and Paul Lovett have been tapped to knock up a script.

Frankly, we aren’t brimming with high hopes over this one. Whilst having the original star in place might ordinarily be a good thing, De Niro has gone so far off the boil of late we can’t help but fear him failing to do the character justice.

Meanwhile, Ratner is Ratner. Although that said, Tower Heist did manage some serviceable crime comedy chuckles, so maybe we’re being too harsh. Production has yet to begin on this one, with a release date not on the table at this point in time. Let's hope it stays that way...

Are you keen for a Midnight Run sequel, and if so is Ratner the man to make it happen? Tell us, below.


    • FBRSmith

      Mar 22nd 2012, 9:44

      But there has already been a Midnight Run sequel? 1994 TV movie called 'Another Midnight Run' with Christopher (Happy Gilmore) McDonald playing Jack Walsh. Its amazing when studios try to forget their past flops, this was definitely filed under 'don't mention'. I wonder how many other mis-guided forgotten sequels there have been?

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    • FBRSmith

      Mar 22nd 2012, 9:55

      Oh, and a third installment! It must have been made back to back with the second installment in 1994, 'MIdnight Run For Your Life'

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    • Hadouken76

      Mar 22nd 2012, 10:36

      Well why not? After Len Wiseman ruined the Die Hard franchaise and McG did the same with the Terminator series, lets have another bland and inoffensive director of forgettable drivel, kill off a beloved 80s classic. Next wll be Back to the Future directed by Paul WS Anderson, with Milla Jovich playing Shia LaBoeufs mother and some bad CGI. .

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    • Hadouken76

      Mar 22nd 2012, 10:38

      Come to think of it, Terminator 3 was pretty bad as well, but it had a killer ending which just about rescued the whole sorry mess... there was potential!

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    • Ali1748

      Mar 22nd 2012, 19:33

      Brett Ratner really sure does like being a smug arrogant prick doesn't he ?

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