Brian Kirk to direct Thor 2?

Game Of Thrones director in talks

Game Of Thrones director Brian Kirk is in talks to direct Thor 2, according to a report by Variety
Kirk is well known as a television director, having helmed three episodes of the first season of Games Of Thrones, as well as episodes of shows such as Boardwalk Empire and Dexter
However, the job directing the Thor sequel would mark his directorial debut on a major Hollywood movie. 
Kirk replaces original Thor director Kenneth Branagh, who was asked to return but passed on the project. 
Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios will likely be keen to begin production as soon as possible to meet the 26 July 2013 release date for Thor 2

Can the Game Of Thrones director bring his magic to a film expected to feature a large cast of Aasgardians and creatures from Norse mythology? Tell us below. 


    • Mattsimus

      Aug 5th 2011, 21:12

      If its not broke why fix it? keep brannagh, however according to this he passed on the he mad I loved Thor and he exceeded all expectations! but hey its his choice.......

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 5th 2011, 22:04

      I don't blame Kenneth, after Thor 1 and The Avengers it's going to be a tough task to keep the franchise going. Oh and BTW.... Winter Is Coming !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • MikeyRix

      Aug 5th 2011, 22:18

      Hmm. Having seen ALL the stuff this guy's done, does that mean there'll be more sex/ blood/ general naked nudeyness? :P

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 5th 2011, 23:00

      Thor kicking a*s with Direwolves :D

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