Brittany Murphy signs onto The Expendables

Playing Mickey Rourke’s girlfriend

Brittany Murphy and Dexter’s David Zayas have joined the cast of Sylvester Stallone’s action pic The Expendables.

They’re joining the likes of Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and Terry Crews in the tale of a group of mercenaries who take on a mission in South America to defeat a dictator (Zayas).

Murphy has signed on to play Rourke’s girlfriend, a singer – and yes, the part does call for her to belt out a tune or two.

Stone and co started shooting – and in Sly’s case, tumbling on slippery boat docks (above) – in Brazil this week. They’ll move to Louisiana for more shooting later.

[Source: THR]

Is Brittany Murphy a good choice for the film? Do you care, given who’s already been cast?


    • hago1

      Feb 22nd 2010, 15:37

      I think you need to update your site more often considering the poor girl is dead for over 2 months now!!

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