Bruce Campbell plans Expendables-style horror

Wants big screen horror ledge mash-up

Evil Dead

Horror favourite Bruce Campbell has just seen Sly Stallone’s The Expendables – and somehow, against all odds, it actually got him thinking.

The present star of TV series Burn Notice, Campbell is best known as the blood-splattered hero of the beloved Evil Dead movies, as well as any number of other cult projects – like Bubba Ho-Tep.

Now, the actor and sometime-director fancies following Stallone’s lead by staging an Expendables-style horror that unites horror titans in the same movie for the first time. The movie wonder will be a sequel to the already fact-and-fiction-blurring My Name Is Bruce called Bruce Vs. Frankenstein.

“I want to have Kane Hodder be very particular about what he eats,” he muses to the LA Times. “I want Robert Englund to be a tough guy, like he knows tae kwon do or something.

“I want to find out the hidden sides of all these people. Some will play themselves, some will play alternate characters as well.”

In fact, far from being a mere bit of daydreaming, Campbell says that there’s even a script going around featuring the iconic screen killers going up against Frankenstein (or, at least, we think he means Frankenstein's monster) – but it’s not quite ready yet:

“There’s a script, it just kind of blows right now, so no one’s really seeing it. We gotta work on it. Definitely shoot in Oregon all on a stage. It’s like the 300 of horror comedies. We want to make it a whole world. Someone’s gotta take Frank down for good.”

If anybody can pull something like this off, it’s Campbell. We'll be front of the queue when it hits cinemas.

Sound good to you? Or sort of horrific? Talk to us below...


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    • TheTingler

      Sep 8th 2010, 8:06

      Now THAT I'd pay to see!

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    • Flaming Mane

      Sep 8th 2010, 8:47

      Guys I read this story about a week ago on another site. In fact you can tell its a pretty poor cut and past job 'cause you fail to mention that the villain of the piece is Frankenstein, the 'Frank' mentioned. I know your getting this from the LA times but at least try to do a half decent job with the story. You know referencing all your sources properly.

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    • ChrisWootton

      Sep 8th 2010, 9:27

      Ah, I love Bruce Campbell but it has to be said that most things he gets involved in are... well... a bit s**t. Good luck to him though

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    • cleanbreak

      Sep 8th 2010, 11:18

      I love ole Brucie cakes and would pretty much watch him in anything. His directorial films though have a 'fan made' vibe to them and not really a 'polished horror film' vibe. It sounds like a great idea, but would love to see a little/lot more style and thought this time around.

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    • theoford27

      Sep 9th 2010, 18:36

      Holdy god it would be a goregasm

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