Bruno trailer invades your eyes

Vassup! Sacha Baron Cohen is back

Hot on the stylish heels of news that Bruno has been slapped with an NC-17 rating by the MPAA in America, the first trailer has arrived.

While the film will undoubtedly be edited down to a cinema-friendly R rating, the promo pulls no punches, which is probably why you have to go through stringent approval procedures to even see the thing.

Well, you have to enter your birthdate. So it’s not that stringent.

But the trailer is loaded down with everything you might expect if you know Bruno – Sacha Baron Cohen’s vamping gay fashion reporter. From crashing swanky clothes shows to convincing a mostly African American chat show audience he’s adopted a baby from Africa and named him OJ, it’s a cavalcade of chaos.

And given the reports from the SXSW festival, where lucky audiences got a taste, it’s bloody hilarious. We can believe it from this footage.

Bear in mind that it takes a while to loads and it’s definitely not safe for work – or school – and enjoy. Then spill what you think in the comments…


    • red157

      Apr 2nd 2009, 23:18

      So when Borat came to cinemas three years ago I was fifteen. My sense of humour obviously hasn't matured since then as I found that trailer hillarious. Unless it recieves overwhelmingly negative reviews, I'll surely be seeing this at the local over-priced Cinema De Lux

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    • AYBGerrardo

      Apr 2nd 2009, 23:53

      The trailer felt a little stagey, especially when Bruno falls onto the catwalk and the (blatantly dubbed) audience gasp. However, I think the film will be better since Borat's strength was the provoked reactions of normal people - that should work even better with Bruno given how widespread homophobia is. "How do you protect yourself from a man with two d***os" indeed.

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    • BenCh

      Apr 3rd 2009, 14:55

      The guys has balls...

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