Bryan Singer breaks his silence on Man Of Steel

Plus, he’s hoping for an A-list cast for his Twilight Zone show

Bryan Singer recently spoke to Total Film about Jack The Giant Slayer (look out for that in a future issue), and we found time to ask him about his feelings towards Superman.

Was he disappointed that he didn’t get the chance to carry on his own franchise with sequel Man Of Steel after his own reboot, Superman Returns?

“If this was a few year ago, I might have [felt disappointed] - but so much time has passed. I’ve done two movies [since Superman Returns], I’ll be on my third movie now in the [X-Men] universe… so whilst it would have been nice then, now I’m actually genuinely looking forward to seeing Zack [Snyder]’s movie [Man Of Steel]. At my heart I’m a fan. I’ve always been a fan.

“The original Superman movie was the one that educated me - the first act of Donner’s Superman was what inspired me to take X-Men so seriously. Now I get to go see a Superman movie and I don’t have to fucking make it! [laughs] They’re not easy! He’s not an easy character!

“I got very nostalgic with my movie but even if you take it in another direction it’s very challenging… inherently he’s such a good guy… what’s easier about X-Men is that they’re all so conflicted. What’s going to be interesting in the next X-Men movie is that the characters are incredibly polarised.”

Not one to take it easy, super-busy Singer is currently developing a reboot of sci-fi TV classic, The Twilight Zone. On that venture, Singer told us:

“I’ve taken over The Twilight Zone. I’d love to direct one - at least the pilot. It’s really not easy to jumpstart an anthology show, particularly because it’s hard to pair them with other things. The production is complex too, because you don’t have scanning sets and you have a revolving cast. But I like the challenge.

“If we can get Twilight Zone to a place where A-list talent is participating, then it would emulate the experience of the Rod Serling show which had, you know, William Shatner, Agnes Moorehead, Burgess Meredith… all these terrific actors doing these really serious morality tales. If we achieve that it could be really something.”

Bryan Singer’s Jack The Giant Slayer opens in the UK on 22 March 2013. Man Of Steel opens on 14 June 2013.

For much more from Bryan Singer, keep ‘em peeled for a future issue of Total Film magazine.

Are you excited about Singer’s take on The Twilight Zone? Agree that Superman’s ‘not an easy character’? Have your say below…


    • jeffraymer

      Feb 10th 2013, 10:43

      Singer doing The Twilight Zone??? Oh nooo he's gonna ruin it like he did Superman...

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 10th 2013, 18:01

      Singer's Superman was really good, I really don't understand the hate for it.

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    • marvelboy

      Feb 10th 2013, 19:13

      it was alright up until the point when they strongly hinted that Lois Lane kid was infacts superman's and from then the film was ruined

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    • joshuascott

      Feb 10th 2013, 22:48

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    • kingofcarrotflo

      Feb 11th 2013, 3:52

      Thank Jesus Christ that Singer is back on X-Men. Vaughn made the most vacuous piece of garbage in First Class and Singer will add some class like he did with the first two.

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    • SiMan

      Feb 11th 2013, 14:15

      I didn't mind Returns at first, but it was on the other day and after watchign it again for the first time in a while ....Superman in the hospital? What were they thinking? and the Super-Kid bit was pretty lame. Only thing that would have been interesting was his planned sequel. Wasn't the kid supposed to turn bad and supes would have to kill his own son? I doubt the Studio would have let that go through though.

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    • dex2010

      Feb 11th 2013, 16:41

      Returns was really good apart from the kid bit, I would of liked Singer to have made a second one . But in saying that cant wait for snyders version.

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    • manoflabook

      Feb 11th 2013, 17:51

      Singer's Superman was a fantastic visual feast, unfortunately the story fell short. I still don't understand how someone didn't pull him aside and said: "get rid of the kid".

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    • dannymarks

      Aug 29th 2013, 20:01

      '"If we can get Twilight Zone to a place where A-list talent is participating," and on that front, it’s hard to imagine that not happening, "then it would emulate the experience of the Rod Serling show which had William Shatner, Agnes Moorehead, Burgess Meredith…all these terrific actors doing these really serious morality tales.' The only thing is, very few of the actors on the original TZ would have been considered "A-list" at the time. They used actors who were either unknown or not very well-known at the time, but later became famous (like Shatner).

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