Bryan Singer directing Freedom Formula?

New Regency wants him for sci-fi pic

New Regency and Fox have grabbed up the rights to Radical Publishing’s Freedom Formula: Ghost Of The Wasteland comic book, and are planning it as a directing job for Bryan Singer.

Steve Moore’s five-issue tale finds fighter jets replaced by pilots in exo-suits. We’re quickly introduced to our hero, who discovers that his bloodline can change society.

The film, however, will be penned by Michael Finch, who has apparently cracked a way to make the story work on screen. “Mike Finch came up with an incredible take that goes deeper into the mythology of the source material," blabbed Radical Publishing’s Barry Levine.

Singer is planning to produce the pic and is also adding it to his crammed development schedule. Which means he’ll probably direct it sometime in the next decade.

[Source: Variety]

Should Bryan Singer drop everything else and just work on this? Or would it work better as an anime?

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