Bryan Singer hints at Storm appearance in X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Another potential cameo on the way

The excitement surroundingX-Men: Days Of Future Past is really beginning to hot up, with Bryan Singer hinting that Halle Berry may be the next original cast member to sign on to appear.

With Hugh Jackman already on board alongside Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page and Shawn Ashmore, and with Famke Janssen all thought to be keen, it could be quite the reunion should Berry make her return.

"I can’t say," demurred Singer when asked whether Berry would rejoin the cast. "I don’t know yet. And it’s not necessarily a deal making aspect at all. I want to make sure it’ll make sense. But I love working with her.”

The film will jump between the past and the future as the younger mutants of X-Men: First Class receive warning from their future selves of a timeline in which mutants are conscripted into concentration camps. A prospect worth fighting to avoid…

Co-starring Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence, X-Men: Days Of Future Past will open in the UK on 18 July 2014.

Would you like to see Storm return? Tell us, below!


    • SiMan

      Feb 12th 2013, 14:11

      I know a lot of people weren't big fans of Berry in the role - i personally didn't have a problem with her, but i'm glad they're sticking with the same cast and linking the films together. Along with the Marvel 'Avengers' tie-in strategy, i think this is another stroke of movie making....well, genius probably isn't the term, but cudos to them for doing it. I always hate it when sequels/prequels/sidequels mess with castings, canon and frankly, logic (i'm looking at you Terminator franchise)

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 12th 2013, 19:22

      Rosario Dawson would make a better Storm.

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    • BobTheSkull

      Feb 13th 2013, 0:09

      @Ali.... oooooh, I like you're way of thinking!

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    • BobbyTwoTimes

      Feb 13th 2013, 10:02

      SiMan - I agree. I too hate it when trilogies/sequels are recast - Katie Holmes being the biggest annoyance for me, with Maggie Gyllenhaal's appearance being very distracting - slightly damaging an otherwise perfect Superhero Trilogy. Kinda glad they killed her off halfway through TDK to be honest. Terrence Howard demanding too much money to return for Iron Man 2 is another one.

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    • marvelboy

      Feb 13th 2013, 11:09

      I also agree, I'm an Fan of Berry's work (maybe not cat-woman but the less said about that the better) I'm also a fan of all the original cast returning - the only issue I have is in Days of Future Past, many x-men and heroes are suppose to have died but if all the original cast is involved were is the peril - surely the future can't be that bad if no one you love is dead ???

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 13th 2013, 16:56

      Katie Holmes not returning for The Dark Knight still baffles me but I think it was because of a scheduling issue.

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