Bryan Singer talks Jack and X-Men star Nicholas Hoult

Exclusive: “He's a really fine actor.”

Bryan Singer has spoken exclusively to Total Film about casting X-Men: First Class star Nicholas Hoult in upcoming fantasy adventure, Jack the Giant Killer.

The Brit actor, who plays Beast in X-Men: First Class, recently bested stiff competition to be cast in the coveted lead role of the mo-cop fairy tale.

On Hoult's appeal, Singer told us: “He’s a really fine actor, and he also has a charm and an innocence that I noticed when we cast him as Beast.

“He needed those qualities because in X-Men he’s this excitable scientist who’s going through a transformation, and in Jack he’s a lovestruck farmboy who also transforms in the movie.

“He falls for a princess and then goes off to rescue her. It’s a very traditional fairytale.”

Jack the Giant Killer will open in summer 2012.

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Are you stoked for Jack the Giant Killer? Do you think Nicholas Hoult could be the next big thing? Let us know below…


    • ChrisWootton

      Apr 13th 2011, 13:34

      Yeah but, aren't they missing the fact that actually... he's not a very good actor? It's like watching GCSE Drama

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    • Hadouken76

      Apr 13th 2011, 14:26

      Orlando Bloom couldnt act his way out of a wet paper bag with scissors in his hands but still gets the big budget work...I mean Tyler Mayne wasnt going to trouble the Oscars in the first one either, but he got the job done. Anyway Hoult is going to be in the next Mad Max film, so fair play to him, good work if you can get it!

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 14th 2011, 22:00

      Ugh I just don't understand the praise for Hoult, he seems very mediocre to me.

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