Bryan Singer to remake The Six Million Dollar Man?

Leonardo DiCaprio in talks to star

Big-screen versions of famed TV shows – Starsky & Hutch, The A-Team - always attract plenty of hype. Next in line could be Bryan Singer’s The Six Billion Dollar Man, a revamp of '70s show The Six Million Dollar Man.

The Weinstein Company have been attempting to get this made for a while now – and after teaming with Universal, Singer is being lined up to direct.

According to the report by Latino Review, Leonardo DiCaprio has been approached to star. However, the Inception star refuses to commit until he has read a script.

Interestingly, regular Singer cohort Christopher McQuarrie is in talks to script, meaning that DiCaprio’s involvement could be slightly more probable than we'd have thought, though the LR report doesn't offer any rock-solid evidence.

If this team were to sign up, expect this to become a thought-provoking sci-fi rather than a dumb-actioner or the comedy version that's been mooted several times over the years.

Either way, this project is a long way off with Singer’s other TV-to-cinema translation, Battlestar Galactica, trudging its way through a lengthy development.

Next up though will be Jack The Giant Killer, starring Nicholas Hoult, Stanley Tucci and Ewan McGregor, which has been given a summer 2012 release.

Does this project interest you, or are you fed up of television show remakes? Let us know!


    • Illustratedman

      Nov 18th 2011, 14:41

      The only way this idea to be made palatable would be to start the story as a Robocop - meaning someone killed or maimed tragically in combat or perhaps a police officer. It would have to be a serious story otherwise it's just competing with all of the other super-heroes. Actually the more I think about about it this seems like idea best forgotten.

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    • TazzaWazza

      Nov 18th 2011, 18:35

      Singer hasn't done a bad job of anything he's done so far and Leo is a decent actor so here's hoping :-)

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