Cameron's next sci-fi will be Fantastic Voyage

Jim producing the 3D remake


James Cameron has cleared up the rumours surrounding his next film.

Speaking to MTV on the red carpet at the Avatar premiere, Cameron and producer Jon Landau confirmed that the next project would be a 3D remake of Fantastic Voyage.

Cameron will act as a producer on the remake of the 1966 film, in which a group of doctors shrank themselves and boarded a tiny ship to enter a human body and work on it.

There's potential for some mind-blowing 3D effects, and the technology Cameron developed for Avatar will no doubt come in handy!

Source [MTV via Collider]

Excited about this project, or not too keen on seeing a colon or small intestine in immersive 3D? Let us know below!


    • randombloke2002

      Dec 11th 2009, 17:01

      Sounds like another Abyss to me, but with a human body instead of an ocean--maybe he could get Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio back and film it as a sequel. Oh and Bill Paxton should definitely be the body! But seriously, he'll be pushing the envelope in terms of technology but I'm not sure the Fantastic Voyage story is expansive enough for Cameron to play to his strengths.

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    • Dortmunder70

      Dec 11th 2009, 17:29

      imagine you could have pretty much ANY project greenlit, what would you do?........a remake of fantastic voyage????????? honestly!

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    • MadMatt

      Dec 11th 2009, 21:23

      As long as Roland Emmerich is no longer attached to direct, I'm interested... But really, the unofficial remake of Fantastic Voyage, Joe Dante's Innerspace, will be hard to top in terms of sheer fun.

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    • yosarian25

      Dec 12th 2009, 0:12

      I hope they go the more educational way with this one. I like the original but I learned nothing. Learning is fun.

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