Cannes 2009: Agora Video Review

Jon walks out on a review of a film he walked out on...

Sometimes, there's just not enough time in the day. So, a lot of Cannes journalists end up walking out of films they don't think is worthy of their precious minutes.

Today, Jon joined the ranks of those journalists, and we decided to make him review the film anyway. Well, the bits he saw...


    • punchdrunklove

      May 18th 2009, 12:20

      I know time is precious at Cannes and you have to see lots n lots of films but isn't the idea of "reviewing something" something where you watch the film in it's entirity?? how can you judge something by only watching half? it's like watching cache(hidden) or brick or a decent thriller or gone baby gone and saying oh well the acting is a tad shoddy i'm not down with kids/politics/religion of todays soceity so i know i shall walk out. I really do hope that there isn't an article in an upcoming Totalfilm where you give this film a full review on it's ending or give it 5 stars because other journalists have done. I think you should watch all films to the end and then judge/review. A good example would be Jar City. Just me rambling on?? no?? i'll shush now. Damn.

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    • punchdrunklove

      May 18th 2009, 12:22

      i just came across as a div, sorry.

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