Cannes 2009: Red Riding Trilogy to be released theatrically

IFC has bought the rights…

The stunning three-part television drama Red Riding is to be released in American cinemas.

That’s right, our US chums will soon have to pay to see the same stylistic Yorkshire police procedural series that we got on the telly for free.

Which might sound like a bit of a con if you haven’t seen it – but the Channel 4 production has such stunning cinematography we think it’ll work perfectly stretched onto the big screen.

Hell, it’s so good it’d look amazing on IMAX.

Oh, and it stars a litany of British cinema talent, including Paddy Considine, Warren Clarke and Sean Bean. And we’d pay to see that lot any day of the week.

In fact, if it somehow gets a UK release, we’ll be first in the queue to pick up a ticket. Seriously.

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