Cannes 2011: Johnny Depp talks Pirates

"I built a career on flops"

Johnny Depp has been reflecting on the ups and downs of his pre-Pirates Of The Caribbean career.

In Cannes for the premiere of fourquel On Stranger Tides, the star said: “For 20 years or so I made these films that were considered, for the most part, failures.

“I built a career on flops, so I was quite comfortable in that arena. Then a couple of things hit.”

Describing his life in film as “a very strange ride”, he added: “You have a film coming up and producers you haven’t spoken to in 15 years call and say ‘How’ve you been?’

“But then that film takes a dump and they don’t call you again until the next one’s coming up!”

Talking up On Stranger Tides, he expressed how pleased he was to have Keith Richards reprise his role as Jack Sparrow’s old man.

“It was great to get in the ring with him again,” Depp said. “And great to share a trailer with him. I may write a book on that one day.”

As for the prospect of more Pirates sequels, Depp simply said: “As long as the people want it, I’m there.”

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that Depp’s co-star Penelope Cruz had to rely on her sister Monica to conceal her pregnancy from the camera.

“We moved the schedule around so we could shoot Penelope’s work early on,” said director Rob Marshall. “But towards the end we asked her sister Monica to help us out for some of the wide shots were we needed a different silhouette!”

Want to see Pirates 5? Or should they have stopped at 1? Comment below!


    • annunziato

      May 14th 2011, 21:11

      firstly i'd like to point out that i'm a big johnny depp fan and loved his work in ed wood/edward scissorhands/the ninth gate and sleepy hollow to name but four. I loved the first pirates movie and did not like either of the follow ups at all. I think that the writers of the first movie did not understand why it was so well received and did everything to excess on the sequels. I'm hoping the new film will show lessons learnt but deep down i expect to be disappointed which is why i'll be waiting, this time, for the dvd

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    • frenchbrit

      May 14th 2011, 23:06

      people don't get that with Pirates, what would usually seem cliché or even what is over the top is acceptable. especially with the 2 and 3, the reason critics, pirates and johnny depp fans hate on it is because of the excess. But what needs to be understood is that excess isn't necessarily bad. when it comes Jack Sparrow, anything is possible and that's what is so great about him. Is he wants to use a sail as a parachute, then he can. after all he is Captain Jack Sparrow. In looking at it this way you'll see that numbers 2 and 3 were just as fun and his character just as great to watch. Johnny Depp said Pirates would stay as long as the people want it but also said that he's not keen on giving a 5 just yet. he wants to keep it special and he's right to do so. of course too much is too much and it's better that it doesn't reach that and i don't think it will. to say it already has though is false because people love Jack Sparrow and he'll always be fun to watch.

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