Channing Tatum on playing X-Men's Gambit

Plus Jamie Foxx talks up Electro's role in the Sinister Six

Channing Tatum may not have got his movie superhero on just yet, but it's clear there's one character he'd love to play.

In a chat about his and Jamie Foxx's new action blockbuster White House Down, Tatum revealed his passion for X-Men's Gambit.

It's clear from his enthusiasm that he'd love to nab the role if it's brought back into the X-Universe - and it's hard to argue with his cajun accented, action-man credentials.

Not only that but Jamie Foxx hints very, very heavily at the appearance of the Sinister Six in The Amazing Spider-Man movie universe, and Electro's appearance in the line-up.

White House Down is in cinemas now.

Would you love to see Tatum as Gambit? And Jamie Foxx appear in the Sinister Six? Let us know below...

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