Charlie Hunnam & Dakota Johnson cast in Fifty Shades of Grey

The raunchy romantic drama has found its leads

After much speculation, the movie adaptation of literary phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey has found its leads.

Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson will be stepping into a big screen Red Room of Pain come August 2014.

While Hunnam has been a rumoured contender for leading man/sexy sadist Christian Grey for a while (insert your own Pacific Rimming gag here), Johnson is a relative, comparative unknown.

Best known for her work on sitcom Ben & Kate, she's also popped up in The Social Network and The Five-Year Engagement, and looks set to propel her into global stardom when she takes on the role of Anastasia - a sexually naive virgin who is introduced to the kinkier side of relationships when she meets S&M aficionado Christian.

Fifty Shades of Grey is set for global theatrical release 1 August 2014.

 Are you happy with the casting? Let us know below...


    • christinebanks

      Sep 2nd 2013, 17:25

      This is all kinds of wrong. I'm so disappointed, even more so in their choice for Ana. Although Charlie is not at all Christian Grey to me, I can accept him. Dakota looks NOTHING like Ana Steele is greatly described. I am shocked by their choice. She isn't even that attractive, and she doesn't have Ana's big eyes, or pretty/delicate features. I think she looks quite a bit older than her own age too. I will be sticking to the books. As much as I want to support FSoG, I can't let these actors taint the true image of the characters in the books.

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 2nd 2013, 20:04

      Jax NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Ah I suppose Charlie was destined for a movie like this when you consider his breakthrough was Queer as Folk.

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    • chibik

      Sep 3rd 2013, 9:56

      Crappy book gets crappy cast. Yawn.

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    • SiMan

      Sep 3rd 2013, 13:11

      All those Shades fans out there better get used to that expression he's got on his face in that pic, because thats pretty much how he always looks no matter the scenario - stern. Biker gang after him; look stern. Giant monster from the sea after him; look stern. Pilot a giant robot and save the Earth; look stern!

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