Check out Robert Downey Jr. in Guy Ritchie’s Call Of Duty trailer: watch now

“Guess who brought a jet to a gunfight!”

Following the success of last year’s Jonah Hill and Sam Worthington starring advert for Modern Warfare 3, the Call Of Duty franchise has turned to Hollywood once more, recruiting Guy Ritchie to direct the advert for Black Ops 2.

The new advert is entitled “surprise” and shows off the game’s new arsenal of weaponry, as various players find themselves suddenly undone at what they think is their moment of triumph.

There’s even an A-list cameo from none other than Robert Downey Jr. himself. Talk about star-wattage… videogames really are the new movies, aren’t they?

Check it out, below…

“Guess who brought a jet to a gunfight”… if RDJ suddenly cropped up to kill you in a multiplayer bout, you probably wouldn’t begrudge him it, would you? The charming git.

Oh and we also enjoyed the Evil Dead reference at the finish. Who knew Guy Ritchie was a fan of that creaky old cabin in the woods? Black Ops 2 is released in the UK on 13 November 2012.

What do you think of the new ad? Tell us, below!


    • FBJRider

      Oct 30th 2012, 13:14

      Did I spot the Jericho missile?

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    • dangoodfellow

      Oct 30th 2012, 13:27

      okay its officially a rant day..... "This message was brought to you by the United States Army , making you pay to train yourself for our future wars!"

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 30th 2012, 14:20

      Haha Russian FPS guy FTW.

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    • smellyhands

      Oct 30th 2012, 18:31

      That was awful.

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 30th 2012, 18:56

      Just goes to show how more and more of a big player the video game industry is becoming, alot of movie stars are starting to feature in games regularly.

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    • Hadouken76

      Oct 30th 2012, 19:33

      Call of...Downey.

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    • GFoley83

      Oct 30th 2012, 19:57

      I'd love to know how much RDJ got for those 5 seconds.

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