Check out what Nicolas Cage would have looked like as Superman

New image emerges of the suit

Incredible as it might sound today, Tim Burton was once charged with re-energising the flagging Superman franchise, with Nicolas Cage as the man in line to fill out the famous suit.

Now while Superman Lives never saw the light of day, it hasn’t sunk entirely without trace. Because happily, pictures of a spandex-clad Cage in all his glory have now emerged.
Special effects creator Steven Johnson had previously released images of the suit, but up until now, shots of Cage trying it on have been hard to come by (except for that one of him in the ultra-shiny suit with a voluminous black mullet). But as you can see above, a new set of images has now emerged via a Twitter fan page.
That’s some serious muscle detailing on the abdominal region! Either that, or old Nic was pretty trim back in the ‘90s. And we’d still like to know what variation on that incredible hair he would have gone with…

Sadly it wasn’t to be, and we never got to see Cage going full freak-out on Lex Luthor’s ass. Let’s hope Zack Snyder has something equally eye-catching lined up when Man Of Steel lands on 14 June 2013. 

Would Cage have made a decent Superman? Tell us, below! 


    • aragorn01

      Jan 30th 2013, 12:12

      the physique...NO DOUBT. wanna proof? check out Con Air. the face..well, Michael Keaton ain't so Bruce Wayne-handsome either. i mean, we're talking bout Tim Burton's Superman here, right..? so, face wise, Nic's passable. but the voice and the way he talks THAT i ain't too sure bout him playing the big blue. Keaton's at least got the whole Bat's morose down pat. his bat voice set the standard for even Bale's take. but, i really still wanna see Nic in the costume with the hair being done right..i wonder how much more superman-like he'd look then. oh well, guess we'll never know.

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    • williamthomas

      Jan 30th 2013, 13:05

      There is currently a kickstarter effort to get crowd funding for a Documentary. www[.]kickstarter[.]com/projects/1270411036/the-death-of-superman-lives-what-happened?ref=live

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    • tommclaughlin11

      Jan 30th 2013, 13:33

      every day I wake up and thank god that this never happened.

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    • apo1978

      Jan 30th 2013, 14:35

      I think Cage should just create a whole new superhero - "HairMan". His power is the ability to morph his hair into a range of horrible "do's" to outwit his enemies. His nemesis would be "The Barber". Ha, this stuff writes itself!

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Jan 30th 2013, 15:45

      An Elvis-lovin' Superman? Could work...

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    • trist808

      Jan 30th 2013, 17:21

      I thought Burton's Superman was going to be based on the Red/Blue energy version of Supes? I remember seeing a mock-up of Cage as the Blue Superman.

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    • Ali1748

      Jan 31st 2013, 1:26

      "Oh god not the bees."

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    • FBQScott

      Feb 1st 2013, 12:16

      First of all, that's not spandex; that's a molded bodysuit. Secondly, I thank Vishnu that this didn't happen. I have mad respect for Tim Burton, but Nic Cage as Superman would have been disastrous. Not Jon Peters-inspired Superman or J.J. Abrams Superman, but a huge disappointment. That said, I am glad to see this part of Superman's history up and about. It's good for the franchise, making fans thankful we wait.

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    • ariboy

      Feb 1st 2013, 14:02

      Hmmm "Superman Returns" was a boreathon and, having recently watched the pretty poor "Cold Light of Day" with a very wooden Henry Cavill, I'm not holding out much hope for "Man of Steel" either. I honestly don't believe Nic Cage would have been any worse as Superman – particularly if Tim Burton was directing.

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