Chris Columbus wants to be struck by The Lightning Thief

A new fantasy adventure

Despite devoting a large of his life to making the first two Harry Potter movies, and then swearing that he wouldn’t commit to another giant franchise based around a series of fantasy novels, it looks like Chris Columbus just can’t stay away from the sweet, sweet nectar of adventure.

Because he’s currently in negotiation to direct an adaptation of The Lightning Thief for Fox 2000.

It’ll be based on the first book of a series called Percy Jackson And The Olympians, which is apparently a best-selling series, though we doubt JK Rowling and her billions will be all that worried. The plot finds a young boy discovering that he’s the descendant of a Greek god and must try to stop an ancient mythical battle. Of course, he has the two standard friends, though in place of an overachieving which and a ginger who says “bloody” all the time, he’s blessed with a satyr and a daughter of Athena.

Once he’s finally sitting in the director’s chair, he’ll need a writer. Rick Riordan’s book series, meanwhile, is already up to number three. Though given Columbus’ usual form, he’ll hand over to someone else after two movies.


    • Gallifreyfriend

      Feb 9th 2009, 23:24

      You spelled it 'which'. It's 'witch'. If he does the book justice, JK should be worried. Percy Jackson and the olypians is the name of the series! The first book is called 'The lightning theif', just like the movie. The way you discribe the plot is misleading. He isn't just a descendant of a greek god, he is the son of one. And when you say ancient mythical battle, 1. He wouldn't consider it mythical if he's fighting in it 2. It is not like he goes back in time to prevent it from happening, he is trying to stop an ongoing conflict between the gods. Maybe some myths say there will be a battle, and that's what happens in later books, but it is not the same thing. The next time you decide to give a review to a movie that doesn't even exist yet, maybe try and do a little research into what it is that you are reviewing.

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