Chris Evans talks Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Says it will deal with material cut from The Avengers

The Avengers DVD is packed full of deleted scenes, but rather than merely providing an amusing distraction, much of that material will be explored further in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

“They had all those deleted scenes with The Avengers because a lot of those scenes are for Captain 2,” says Evans. “It was good stuff, but it all felt like that was his story.  It is a different movie. With The Avengers there was so much to cram in. Like I said, it was a long movie anyway. So I think making it any longer would have just been exhausting.”

“A lot of that stuff is for Captain America 2. That is his story. It is him trying to on a personal level adjust to the fact that everyone he knows is gone and the whole Peggy Carter of it all. There are a lot of things that he kind of has to come to terms with.”

Evans is locked down to a six-picture deal with Marvel, so we can expect to see a lot more of that star-spangled costume over the next few years. Including a possible cameo in Thor: The Dark World?

“[Chris] Hemsworth and I even talked about that,” says Evans. “I would love to do a little thing in Thor 2. It’s obviously going to be tricky trying to work out the plot, the reason why I’m not there to help him, and why he’s not there to help me.  But the best thing about Marvel is that the movies were so good and we had such a good time making them.”

Captain America: The Winter Solider opens in the US on 4 April 2014, with a UK date to be confirmed.

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    • SiMan

      Sep 18th 2012, 12:29

      I think the 'man out of time' aspect could be a really interesting part of cap's movies if they handle it well. Could give scope for both comedic (a man from the 40's dealing with modern technology) and dramatic moments (everyone he knew is either dead or really, really old!)

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Sep 18th 2012, 14:54

      Give the sequel a better story, director, costume, actually showing off his enhanced abilities and excitement then I'll be there.

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 18th 2012, 15:16

      The downside to the whole Avengers/Marvel studio thing is fans are probably expecting alot more crossovers now, I'd only be interesting in cameos if it helps the story and isn't just shoe horned in to appease the fans. The best cameo for the Marvel universe just now that makes the most sens is Banner appearing in an Iron Man movie, Banner and Stark connected in The Avengers because of their love for chemistry, physics etc.

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