Chris Evans talks not wanting to be Captain America

Exclusive: “I didn’t want to do this movie…”

Chris Evans has spoken candidly to Total Film about his apprehension towards playing Captain America for Marvel.

The role of the first Avenger was a hotly-contested one, not that Evans was initially interested.

He told us: “I didn’t want to do this movie… I said no, I think, three times. I had serious doubts.”

It seems it was the long-term contract (he’s locked in for six pictures, including The Avengers) that was causing his trepidation.

Evans explained: "If these movies do well, I could be playing this guy until I’m 40. What if I want to quit acting? What if I want to move to India? You can’t – you have a contract. It’s terrifying!”

What was the appeal then? “I loved the character… He’s a good guy. Even if nobody's looking.

“He’s got nothing, he can’t do anything, but he’s OK with it. He does the right thing, not for praise but because it’s the right thing.

“What a great character to play!”

Captain America: The First Avenger opens on 29 July 2011.

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Was Evans right to hesitate before taking the role? Let us know what you think…


    • mcghater

      Jun 8th 2011, 14:13

      well chris if its any consolation the movie going public didnt want you to play captain america either

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    • KingofSpain

      Jun 8th 2011, 14:44

      @mcghater - I disagree. He's perfect for the role. All the footage I've seen which was shot in Manchester/Liverpool (i.e. Steve Rogers post-serum discovering his super abilities) looks absolutely spot on.

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    • mcghater

      Jun 8th 2011, 15:38

      @kos while i agree the effects department have worked wonders in making him a skinny wretch, I have always thought he just doesnt have the look of captain america nor does he convey the gravity associated with such an iconic character, evans best work comes to the surface when playing sidekick/comedic roles

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    • bihbih84

      Jun 8th 2011, 16:18

      Chris Evans is great as the sidekick/comedic roles, I agree. But his best ever performance in my opinion was in Sunshine which was completely the opposite. The trailers are looking great, and so is he.

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    • writerdave87

      Jun 8th 2011, 16:55

      He's excellent in Sunshine, very good, subtle performance. Quite liked him in Push and Street Kings too, also serious roles.

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    • Monkeynuts30

      Jun 9th 2011, 1:39

      Give him time folks, did any of us really expect Brad Pitt or Leo DiCaprio to turn out as good as they did?

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    • TheDRQ

      Jun 9th 2011, 2:49

      I've decided to just wait for the final product when it comes to Comic Book film adaptations. I understand that Daredevil is not considered a good movie by many, but I think it is very well done. I bring this up because the idea of Ben Affleck playing a Superhero made me wretch, but after seeing it, I actually thought he matched the character perfectly and with sincerity. Now lets be honest with a few other key superhero choices. Christopher Reeves was a joke when it was told shown that he stepped in the tights for Superman. Speaking of "jokes", The studios thought Tim Burton was insane (not that he isn't) for hiring a stand-up comedian/sitcom star, Michael Keaton, to be Batman. Both of these actors are arguably the best representation of their respective characters on film. Lastly I would like to point out that Hugh Jackman is a TERRIBLE choice for Wolverine. Wolverine is 5'2, Very beastly, hairy, and all around not that good looking. However, Jackman is practically synonimous with the name Wolverine. So as much as I am not enthused by the choice of Chris Evans, I am just going to wait and see, and as always; watch with an open mind. By the by, I have nothing against Evans; He's proven to quite entertaining at times (Scott Pilgrim especially)

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