Chris Evans wins Captain America role

Shield-wielding superhero finally cast...


After what feels like an eternity of debate and indecision, Chris Evans has finally been awarded the title role in Joe Johnston’s The First Avenger: Captain America.

Evans was offered a chance to play the superhero in a $300,000 contract that would sign him up to a  nine-film deal – that includes sequels as well as the proposed The Avengers movie(s).

The actor took a few days to consider the offer – it’s a big responsibility, considering nine films is basically signing away a good couple of decades of your life when shooting and  press junkets et al are taken into consideration – but ultimately decided to take it. Who wouldn’t he?! As well as being an awesome role, you're set for life in the money stakes.

Evans beat out competition from Channing Tatum and Sebastian Stan, who would have been the only two actors left on the list had Evans turned down the part.

Shooting on Johnston’s flick is to commence over the summer, and the film is set to hit cinemas on 22 July, 2011.

Is Evans the best actor for the part? He’s definitely the most suitable of the actors that Marvel had in consideration (um, Chace Crawford, WTF?!), and has proven himself a charismatic presence in the nevertheless-rubbish Fantastic Four films.

This will be a tricky character to get right, though. Evans will have to reel in his cockier disposition for a more serious superhero, but also do so without becoming wooden and boring (um, Push). We’ve got a feeling he can do it, though.

Now let’s get that camera rolling, eh?

Is Chris Evans your idea of a good Camptain America?

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    • RATAweekly

      Mar 23rd 2010, 9:19

      I think it's a good choice. Chris Evans **** has shown talent since "Not Another Teen Movie **** " and he's great as the Human Torch. He can pull off Captain America more than the other contenders. Give him something dramatic to do and follow the "Iron Man ****** " model.

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    • govenorarnold

      Mar 23rd 2010, 10:31

      I'd rather see someone fresh be given the chance. Chris Evans has yet to prove he can act well without all the bravado.

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      Mar 23rd 2010, 10:37

      Agree with JW - Evans will need to lose the cockyness. But with some authority to his acting and some manning up it could work well. He's a Steranko/Adams-looking Cap rather than a Kirby/Coipel - but that's not a bad thing. In an alternate movie reality it would be Dolph Lundgren with acting ability...

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    • govenorarnold

      Mar 23rd 2010, 11:19

      Imagine that world! It'd be awesome :D

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    • Rosewood09

      Mar 23rd 2010, 13:32

      Good god no!! I think Evans is a terrible choice - please re-think!!

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    • rivkrock79

      Mar 23rd 2010, 16:56

      without a doubt the best actor for the role of captain america would be jensen ackles from supernatural he has the skills and the looks.I hope its as good as iron man-the only brilliant marvel adaption so far!

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    • Andy85

      Mar 23rd 2010, 18:46

      I think that Chris Evans is the perfect choice for the role. He has the superhero physique and has already proved that he can drop his comedic talents and carry a dramatic and tense role in the incredible 'Sunshine' which is one of my fav films of all time. Good luck Chris and ignore all the haters.

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    • tomp1000

      Mar 23rd 2010, 18:47

      not my choice, especially considering the cap is blonde however evans redeemed himself from the total sh*te F4 movies byt his pretty damned good performance in sunshine

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    • Ali1748

      Mar 24th 2010, 3:47

      Not really keen on the choice.But I'll give Chris a chance.

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    • Rosewood09

      Mar 24th 2010, 12:22

      I agree with rivkrock79 - Jensen Ackles would be a much better choice. That said having not seen Sunshine perhaps i should reserve judgement on Chris Evans.....

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    • ilikescifi

      Mar 24th 2010, 16:52

      did that say $300,000?! that can't be correct. that kinda money couldn't even buy a house. his pecs are worth more than that, surely

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    • erised

      Mar 25th 2010, 2:36

      @ilikescifi exactly what I thought

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    • Illustratedman

      Mar 26th 2010, 14:52

      I agree with previous posters about Chris Evans' acting chops having just watched Sunshine once again last night. I'm sure if Danny Boyle can get that kind of performance out of Evans' first time out than it's also possible that Joe Johnston can. My worry is more about Johnston's ability to put together a cohesive film.

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    • TheDRQ

      Apr 10th 2010, 10:04

      Yeah that $300,000 thing reads like a bit of a typo. It is a 9 picture deal, so maybe its $300,000 per movie. Not to mention should they be successes, the contract will be re-negotiated over and over again. Even still $3M sounds like what was supposed be posted. As for Evans himself, I'm not too excited about that since Cap is supposed to be pretty hulking (no Marvel pun intended) not just in "pretty-boy" shape. However, It's really all in the hands of the production staff, so who knows? It might just work.

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